Could It All Be In My Head Someone PLEASE Tell Me

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TC - June 5

I had unprotected s_x 2 weeks ago and now i think i may be pregnant. I took a HPT 3 days ago, but it was negative. But i still have a gut feeling i may be pregnant. I get Stomach ache in the middle of the night especially when i lie on my back or stomach, but when i turn on to my side it's fine. I have been really weepy, today i cried for half an hour just because i was talking to someone. I haven't had any spotting or sickness yet...although i feel like i am going to be sick but i'm not. I have had a lot of discharge, more than usual. I have heard that most womem don't have alot of the symtoms or have none at all. Is this true? I have a Doctors appointment for Monday the 14th June. I should get my period on the 12th...HOPEFULLY. But could this all be in my head and am i being stupid? Someone tell me.


maria - June 4

if your period is,nt due till the 12th why are you doing test hun you have to be at least 2 weeks late b4 you can start doing tests so calm down cos i think ur worring to much and it will b all the stress that makes u late 4 ur period if u carry on like this beliene me ive done it myself and its not worth the worry until u really r at least 10 days late


Shelly - June 4

You're not being stupid. You are being SMART. If you don't want to wait 'till the 14th, call the doctor's office and tell them you need to get in sooner. They will have cancellations, or can squeeze you in. You'll have to wait for a while in the office, but it'll be worth it. They may just send you to the lab without seeing the doctor to get a blood test. You can get the results by the next day. Don't stress out and wait. Have a blood test done as soon as possible. Good luck!


celeste - June 5

Everyone's body is not the same way, therefore they all don't function in the same way. You may be pregnant and just don't have that many symptoms, or you may just be too busy to really notice them. I know when I was pregnant I could not sleep on my stomach or back at all. It always felt better on my side. And that was when I was only 4 months pregnant.



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