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Meelliissaaxo - October 13

Okay i came off my bcp's in august. We've been having unprotected s_x almost everynight since then, trying to hit ovulation day, i go to school during the day and work til 9 or so at night and have 3 days off, which is really nice.. but i just dont find time to chart my ovulation and its late when i get home eat dinner, and get ready for bed.. well anyways my period was supposed to start on last sunday but here it is sat. and still not sign of it coming. I have taken a few tests but still negative.. could i be pregnant and it just not showing? or is my periods messed up because i came off the pill.. but a year ago or so, i had to come off the pill for 2 months because i was sick and needed antibiotics so the doctor didnt want me to take my pills and i still have my period regular. helpp!


cubbie - October 13

Hi, with my last baby I was still showing neg at almost 6 weeks, and I knew I was pregnant by then, so I went to do a blood test which came back pos, but only 3 days preg (so 2w3d how we count it) which basically meant that I ovulated late - I ended up being induced at 42 weeks.


Meelliissaaxo - October 14

so it couldn't be from the pill? im scared im not really pregnant, im just having the symptoms beacuse its only been a month off the pill.. ive tested and tested and still negative.. but no period.. day 7 pa__sed missed period.


cubbie - October 14

I don't know, I know that when I came off the pill I got a regular period a month later and was pregnant a month after that with my first daughter, then I went back on after the birth and when I came off I had exactly the same (but unfortunately miscarried) As I said when I got preg with my 2nd daughter I ended up doing a blood test when AF was almost 2 weeks late, because the sticks were still showing neg, so you could well be - good luck! I'm now one day late, but I feel really sick all the time and suddenly a shirt that I wore 2 weeks ago won't fit over my b___bs, so I'm hoping, but I don't have that chronic exhaustion that I had at the beginning with the other pregnancies, so I'm not sure. Also my daughter was born 7 months ago, so since I stopped b___stfeeding until now I'd been getting AF every 3 weeks, so it could just be that the hormones are finally sorting themselves out - I did a test this morning, neg, so I'll just wait a few more days to see what happens!



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