Could My High Progesterone Level Indicate Pregnancy

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DeniseZ - June 2

My p4 levels have generally been anywhere from 5.4 to 11.7 for the last 4 cycles. Today's came back at 96.1!! Is there a good chance that it could mean something more???


babybluejess - June 3

have you been experincing b___st swelling, nausea, morning sickness, can't eat certain foods and a light period? or a period at all? it could be that you are pregnant, because I've been experince this for almost 5 months now, and I'm not pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test to make sure, or a blood test with your doctor, or it could be your horomones that is messing you up.


Grandpa Viv - June 3 (no hyphens) suggests that this is significant. Interstingly, this article suggests that monitoring and attempting to adjust progesterone levels in early pregnancy is a futile exercise. Good luck!


Anna B. - June 7

Denise - did you find out if you were pregnant or not? I'm just curious b/c last month my progesterone was 47.8 (had been 11 in previous months) and then AF started. I was wondering how it turned out for you?


DeniseZ - June 7

Anna - my chart isn't looking so hot.. it's on the downward spiral..... so I'm sure AF will be here by Friday. :( I mean, you're not supposed to lose hope until she actually shows her mean ol' face.... but it doesn't look good. I'll let you know for sure either way.


Anna B. - June 7

Denise - I hope you get your bfp this month. It's so frustrating to have such a high progesterone level and then get AF. My doctor was convinced that I was pregnant so that got my hopes up even more. He told me that the high level meant one of two things: either I was pregnant or I ovulated many eggs. Let me know how it turns out. I'm 3dpo on my next cycle and go in for a progesterone test either Friday or Monday.


Anna B. - June 9

Denise - just wondering how things were going for you. Is AF due today? I hope AF stays away from you and you get a BFP!


DeniseZ - June 9

Anna - I sooo expect it any given minute. I've been cramping for the last few days and my temps took a nose dive. In fact, I called my OB today to request the next cycle of clomid. Obviously I have to wait for AF to get here first, but I'm sure I'll have a short wait. They told me this will be my last round of clomid and I have to go back to see my RE. She said hopefully I won't need the appointment. We'll see. I'll keep you posted about AF this cycle. :)


DeniseZ - June 10

Anna - Just wanted you to know that I woke to the wicked witch this morning. Atleast it didn't come as a surprise. The good news is that my luteal phase is a solid 14 days. So.. on to the next (and final) round of clomid - #6. Then I go see my RE at the end of the month. More good news is that if we have to go IUI or IVF route, I just found out that the procedures are paid for by the hospital I work at! It's a specialty hospital and they do the procedures. :) Hope it doesn't come down to that, but happy to not have the financial stress if it does. Anyway... good luck to you.. and I"m sure I"ll be back.


Anna B. - June 10

Denise - I'm sorry to hear that AF came. It's so frustrating when our progesterone levels were so high and then nothing! If this cycle doesn't work I will be starting my 6th round of clomid as well. I am 6dpo today and my temp is still at 98.6 and my bbs hurt. All these things have heppened in the past so nothing to get excited about. Keep me posted on how things go and I'll let you know what my progesterone level is after I get the results back next week and whether or not AF shows. Good luck!


Anna B. - June 17

Hi Denise - Just wanted to give you an update. My progesterone this time was 76 (not that it means anything!). My doctor said that meant that I probably had 3 eggs (about 20 units per egg). He is reducing my clomid dose for next month b/c he doesn't want me to have multiples and we are going to do an IUI. I thought that AF was going to start last night b/c I saw a hint of pink when I checked internally but I've had nothing since. No cramps or anything and my temp has stayed above coverline. I'm still not going to get my hopes up but AF usually starts by now. I'll let you know one way or the other (AF or BFP). How are you doing?


DeniseZ - June 17

Oh Anna - that sounds like good news to me! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. :) I'm doing well. I've got one more day of my 100mg clomid. I'll let you know how my p4 is this month.... but please keep me posted on AF (or better yet, lack of!)



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