Could My Prayers Be Answered This Month

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Praying4aLittleOne - March 18

Hi Ladies! My last period started Feb. 7th so I am on day 39 of my cycle. My period usually comes between days 36-40. I am not technically late yet, but I will be if it doesn't come tomorrow. However, I do not foresee it coming today or tommorrow. The reason is because I ALWAYS have symptoms of my period coming 5-7 days before it arrives. My usual symptoms of af coming is bloating, mild cramps, moodiness, and being very dry because of no cm. I am feeling nothing so far this month. No signs that af is coming. I have been feeling fatigue, but that may not have anything to do with that. I don't always feel fatigue before af arrives. Anyway, could me not feeling any symptoms of af coming potentially mean pregnancy or am I probably just really late this month?


kimberly - March 18

The first sign I had with my third baby was I had no signs. lol! No pms, nothing. Sounds positive but only a positve test will tell.


Praying4aLittleOne - March 20

Thanks again kimberly! Still no period. Tomorrow will be day 41 for me, which will mean I am technically late if af doesn't show her face. I still have not had any cramps like I do before I get my period. However, I started feeling like I am on my period yesterday and today without the cramps, if that makes any sense. I usually always have cramps with my period. Now that I have another symptom, does this still sound like pregnancy or af coming? I still have no other symptoms besides feeling fatigue sometimes. Thank you very much for answering my questions! :)


kimberly - March 20

Feeling bloated is a good sign, but unfortunately it is also a sign of pms. Your cycles are kind of long like mine always have been. I have 3 kids so it don't mean you can't concieve but it does mean you may have to pay very close attention to your ovulation signs and journal everything. I wrote down every period date and sign I had leading up to my period and soon I could see when I was ovulating. It can be so confusing with a long cycle, because it often indicates something hormonal is off. Therefore you feel pms all the time which can totally mimic pregnancy. But, the fact you don't have much pms right now. I would say that is a pretty good sign. At about 2 weeks late I started to feel all the common pregnancy symptoms, have you tested?


Praying4aLittleOne - March 20

No, I decided to wait until Sunday or Monday to test, if I can wait that long.:) I've taken hundreds of hpts in the past so I don't want to be disappointed again. I have had periods come in the past on day 42 and 43 (just not very often) so that's why I want to wait a little longer. I know my period is not going to come today because my temperature has not dropped yet. I used to chart about a year ago. I remembered my temperature would always drop the day af was coming. Normally, I would be thinking af is just late again, but the thing that is making me wonder is just the no cramps thing. I usually have really sharp, bad cramps before my period even comes. Not bad enough to take medicine though. I don't need medicine for cramps until af starts. Thanks so much for answering my posts. I wanted to know if I have reason to be suspicious. It is nice to talk to another woman about it. :) I will keep you informed if I get any new symptoms. Also, I will let you know the results of my hpt I will be taking soon.


HappyAsh - March 21

To Kimberly, You seem to really know what you are talking about! I am not asking any friends or family, because my hubby and I have been pressured for a while now, and I don't want to raise any flags. I started last period on March 1. Had unprotected 2 days before and day of ovulation. 7 or 8 days after ovulation had some brown and light pink spotting for a day or two. yesterday, I woke up with some very sore b___bs! I think I can feel it this time...want to know what you think! Thanks.


kimberly - March 25

HappyAsh, Sounds promising! The spotting sounds like implantation but as you know only a test can tell. I tested positive with my daughter at 12 dpo(days past ovulation)using a first response early pregnancy test, you might give it a try and see. Good Luck!



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