Could She Be I Am A Worried Boyfriend

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[nate] - November 8

okay, so me and my gf have been having s_x for six months now. always with a condom except during her last two periods. i know, stupid but we thought if it was during her period it'd be fine. she has been so tired lately. by lately, i mean the past two months. her hair is falling out and she says her skin hurts. i came home yesterday (long-distance relationship) and we had s_x but then after she said her va___a hurt (it looked a little red at the bottom). she's been getting really nauseous the past month but no throwing up, not at all. the thing that throws me off is that she had her period three weeks ago. but i read in many places that it's possible to be pregnant but still get your period. worried boyfriend, please help!


[nate] - November 8

oh yeah, and she's been getting headaches much easier too :(


[nate] - November 8



Test??? - November 8

Has she taken a test? If she is that far along, she would test positive by now. It is very possible that she has some sort of infection. it is possible to have a period when pregnant, but really not that common. I would think that if she had a period then she is NOT pregnant. Have her take a test to be sure.


[nate] - November 8

she took a test about a month ago and it was negative. she took another test (i get really scared about this stuff lol) a few weeks prior and still was negative.


and another thing - November 8

Hair falling out and skin hurting is not a sign of pregnancy. Maybe she has some type of illness. She should probably go to her doctor. If she tested negative, then she is most likely NOT pregnant, but I would worry about the other symptoms.


[nate] - November 8

she is seeing a doc this friday but we're storta young and well her mom doesn't know we've been having s_x. but her doc does know so i'm not sure what they're gonna do. ya, i am worried about the other stuff cuz they've already tested her for mono and it came back negative.


lesson learned? - November 8

Well, I hope she is okay. I guess this stress has made you want to use protection all the time now? lol It's not worth the worry is it? If you are having a regular s_xual relationship, maybe she should go on some sort of birth control, so you will be protected even if you do something "stupid". Doctors aren't stupid, they know young people have s_x and they will try to do whatever they can to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They cannot disclose any information about her to her parents so you should feel comfortable telling the doctor the truth. Good luck to you both.


[nate] - November 8

yes, lesson learned! i wish there was a surgery for a guy or something that wouldn't be permeant cuz we do want to have kids BUT NOT NOW lol


That's funny! - November 8

Well, be safe...there's a lot of fun to be had when you are young. There is tons of time in the future for children. I am 32 and I have been married for 4 1/2 years and I just now found out I am pregnant with my first child. I am happy to be starting a family, but I wouldn't give up those years child-free for anything!!!


[nate] - November 8

thank you all very much. you've put my mind at ease. if she's reading this right now, sorry honey, but i'd rather her be sick and feel bad for a while than pregnant and a mother forever (i think she would too)


Kerry - November 8

good job.



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