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Jennifer - July 31

Hi, i recently had unprotected s_x with my partener 4 days after my period ended and although i am on the pill i was sick after i took my pill the morning before i had s_x. My period is now due in 3 days time but last week i experienced period like cramps and today i had a bad dissy spell. I have looked up pregnancy symptoms on the net and these are 2 of them. I have still been taking my pill everyday since the time i was sick and i am just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on wether i may be pregnant or if i am exagerating and becomming parinoid


.... - July 31

i think you aren't pregnant. its very very unlikely to get pregnant while on the pill.


Jennifer - July 31

I know that but i heard that if you are sick within 2 hours of taking the pill then it wont work for a week and i had unprotected s_x that night, i know i may sound stupid and i probably am being stupid to think i may be pregnant but ive had cramps, headaches and dissyness which ive read are symptoms and im just getting myself parinoid but thanks for the reply, im just worrying myself too much


Grandpa Viv - July 31

Not likely pregnant, but the pill is not 100%. You have a couple of signs, so I think it would be smart to take a home preg test before starting in on the next active pills 10 days from now. You might even call the office of the prescribing doc and ask the nurse her advice if you are feeling more pregnant at that time. Good luck!


Jennifer - July 31

I am going on holiday on thursday and i have planned to continue on my pill for another 3 weeks without having my pill free week so i dont have a period which i have already talked about with my doc a few months ago and he said it would be fine but do you think it would be ok to do this if i am pregnant i do not want to harm the baby by taking the pill while i am pregnant but then again i may not be pregnant and do not want to have my period while on holiday, confused. Does anyone know?


Foose - July 31

I dont think you are pregnant either. It is realyl unlikely to be preg. on the pill, plus having s_x so close to your period, the sperm might not have lived long enough to ovulation.



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