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Madison - March 16

Ok here is my story, I am 6 weeks late and have taken many tests, some were very faint and some just BFN...About 2 weeks after ovulation I had this very watery discharge I thought I had started but I didnt it was just very wet and thin...I missed my period in Feb , The 1st week of Feb I was very sick to my stomache and had a headache I could not get rid of, but that all went away by the middle of Feb..I missed again in March, I have alot of CM have not ever dried up since ovulation, A week ago I started spottin just only when I wiped the next day was nothing then the day after that I spotted again not even enough for a panty liner and most was this yucky brown I tested with Clear Blue Easy and if was faint but still darker then it had been a couple weeks ago. But i have not heard good things about that test..And now i have this heavy feeling in my pelvic bone or just in that area feels like there is pressure i dont know how to discribe it....I am a plus size women and am regular until now....does anyone know if this sounds like pregnancy or something else, Any advice would be sooo great...thanks


Madison - March 16

I know everyone has heard this same thing hundreds of times but Can anyone help me?


trix - March 17

hey madison, try some other test. clear blue is not very reliable these days... check


erika - March 17

it sounds to me like you are pregnant..take other test/..


Emma - March 17

i agree I think your preggos


Madison - March 17

does anyone else have any thoughts?


Audrey - March 17

You might be pregnant, but if the home tests aren't giving you a definite answer, go to your doctor for a blood test. Best wishes!


layla - March 17

plus size women sometimes take longer to test + due to the fat cells absorbing the hcg hormone at least that's what I've been reading. Good Luck!


kim - March 17

Did you take 2 test and they were both faint positive? If so then I would say you are pregnant. I have read on here about false pos. and neg.,but when I was trying to conceive it took 3 years and I took hundreds of test never had a positive until I really was pregnant. I'm not saying it don't happen, but in my case it was always right. They say even faint is positive. It is possible to miss a period and not be pregnant. I couldn't conceive b/c of no periods. So if you are not sure you are seeing a + , see a DR. to confirm if you are or not.



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