Could The Test Be Wrong Please Any Advice

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Marie - March 22

I have put a few posts on here for the past couple of days and have got such wonderful advice I thought I would do the same.....I am 9 days late for AF and have a few symptoms: itchy nipples/br___ts, bigger br___ts, mild AF type pains on/off, slight backache (this was really bad a few days ago!) needing the toilet alot more, milky/creamy CM Oh and the fact I'm 9 days late!! I did a first response test last Tuesday when I was 2 days late and this was positive, but did another the following morning and it was negative! I expected AF to rear her ugly head any day and it has been a whole week since then. I did a clear blue digital test this morning and although the test read negative, when I ejected the stick you can clearly see a bright blue line and another not so bright line. My answer is could that mean I am pregnant, but just have to wait a few more days for it to show up? Has anyone else had this and they turned out to be pregnant or not? Also, when I was preggers with my son I didn't get a BFP until nearly 9 weeks.......Please if the waiting isn't bad enought this is just tearing me apart!!


Marie - March 22



kerrylee stovell - March 22

Hi, I had the same thing you are going through, my tests were all over the place when I was pregnant with my daughter. My advice is to pop to your doc and ask for a doppler sensor to listen for a heartbeat, it was the only thing that confirmed my pregnancy!! Good luck!!


michelle - March 22

had 2 negative tests threw them away and looked in the bin and had turned positive.. done one this morning and positive!!! x


Christina - March 22

a few yrs ago i was getting a positive answers on test so my dr did a blood test and showed a slight positive meaning my hcG level was over 5.0 it got up to 30 and went down back under 5.0 so then i wasnt prego. your hcg level could have gone up for some reason.


Marie - March 22

Congratulations Michelle - I am hoping that there is not enough HCG in my urine for the test to read 'pregnant' yet. When I was pregnant with my son it took nearly 9 weeks for it to finally show a positive.


Jen - March 22

I am also in the same boat. I am 4 days late. AF was supposed to come on the 18th, but nothing. I have ALL the symptoms. I just took an equate test, and it was a BFN :-(. Do you think that it is too early?


Jena - March 22

Jen - it could still be too early - I am 9 days late and all hpt's show negative but blood test shows my hCG level is 2 (5 is pregnant) and I'm probably miscarrying (dont' worry - doesn't mean you are!!!) but it just shows how much more sensitive the blood tests are - can you go get one?


shannon - May 2

i'm in the same place as you. I am 10 days late about 5 days ago i took a test it said negative, but i still havent started. I wasn't sur if my hcG levels weren't high enough. I haven't been late in over three years.


lara - May 6

hi, I have all the symptoms of smelling sense...tenderness of b___sts...craving for icecreams n sweet and on top of that am 6 days late ...although have a mild AF like pain in the stomach but my home pregnancy test showed a negative result....I am really confused.what should i do?


sharmel - June 4

I recently took a pregnancy test and it was negitive but im on birth control and i think i am pregnant because i didnt have cramps like i always do during my period and it wasnt as long also i have bumps on my areola could the test be wrong could i be pregnant and my period is on?


Anon - June 4

My step mom just went through this. Her doctor thought she needed anti-depressants due to believing she was pregnant. It turns out that she is 16 weeks along still getting negative home pregnancy and doctors office pregnancy tests!


Grandpa Viv - June 4

Sharmel, read up on the side effects of the pill. That is most likely the problem. We even have a post on the board right now from a woman who had Montgomery tubercles as a side effect.


to Marie - June 4 THis website should help those who have problems with understanding tests.


shannon - June 5

ANON how did they find out she was pregant with a blood test or an u/s. I should have started around april 22 and then around may 22. I have taken 4 HPT all show (-) Still no a/f. Should I just go to the doctor for a blood test or should I just take it that I am not pregnant as the hpt show (-) I have not missed an a/f for over 3-4 years.


bump - June 5

bumpin it on up!


Shannon L - June 7

Marie, Did you ever get your af or did you go to a doctor. Please update!



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