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Jessica - January 26

I'm waiting to see if my period starts at the end of this month, but I think I may be preg. If so then I would be about 3-4 weeks now. There are a few things that's making me think I could be, which are: we are trying, my stomach feels full all day & through-out the night, it's also kinda hard, & more firm. It just really feels different!! Two weeks ago I didn't seem to be as hungry as I normally am, but now it just hits me & I have to get something to eat right then....or I will feel sick to my stomach. A few different cravings, weird ones might I add!! My pants fit tighter around the waist & stomach area...but I haven't gained any weight. The only symptom I really DON'T have is: tender/sensitive br___t or morning sickness. I took a hpt last week but it came up neg!!! So my question is: Does this sound like a pregnancy to you?


ALICIA - January 27



DESIRE - January 27

Girsl, I'm in the same boat as u, but I'm getting sore b___st. And side and lower backaches, and my period has been 5 days late. You sound like you could be pregnant, but like ALICIA said, just wait. Do u think I may be pregnant also?


A - January 27

I would say definitely wait to see if af comes. Sometimes you can feel like that right before you start. I wish you the best of luck!! Try not to think about it so much and just take care of your body if you ttc.


JW - January 27

I have the same problem! I took EPT and got negative? Late on my period? So we will see! Good Luck to you!!!!


Jessica - January 27

To A: well first I want to thank all of u for giving me your advice....ok now A, see the only thing is I have felt all of the things I wrote above for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I don't normally get af symptoms untill maybe a few days before its due & even then it's not real bad symptoms, just very slight cramping & my att_tude is grummpier!!!! But thank you & I will wait to see!! Good luck to you all =)


Jessica - January 27

Desire...glad to know we r not alone, right....well to me it sounds like u may be preg too!!! Here lately my back has been hurting too, but thats probably b/c I have been cleaning houses, up & down & sweep & mop. LOL yeah I'm sure thats why it hurts. Keep me posted.


Jessica - January 29

Hey ladies....I only have one more day to wait!!! AF is due tomarrow?!? Will it come on time....come late.....or not come at all.....we shall see!!!! X fingers crossed X I know I should stop thinking about it but it's really hard to when I feel like this all day long for the past 3 weeks...ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! hey JW...keep me posted on your situation.


To Jessica - January 29

I am almost certain there is not a baby in your tummy! I will concede there may be one in your uterus though.


JW - January 29

Hey Jessica I still have not gotten my period!? WEIRD? But I have had a bad sore throat for awhile now and my b___bs are starting to hurt so I might be getting ready to start! Who knows!! Hey let me know if you get AF! Good luck!!


Jessica - January 30

Now I;m really worried!?!?! Ok. period started today, the exact day is was due. But now since it did start, I'm thinking something else is wrong w/ me b/c I have felt like I'm preg for the last 3 weeks. Stomach is still hard & my stomach don't get hard like that even when I'm on my period!!! Expecially not 3 weeks before ya know? I don't kow what to think.....what to do........Even though I started this morning, it is still just all too werid for me!!! What could it be???? I got preg 8 years ago.....we had s_x , left it in, but still about 4 hours after all that, I started my period, probably b/c it was already ready to start. Anyway, I'm thinking that since we ttc around the beginning of the month, IF I was preg, I don't think I would be on my period now b/c it still came, it was on time & its about a month later. So I guess I just go ahead & face the fact I'm probably not pregnant!!!!!! SO, ladies, any suggestions...advice....experience to share.....please????


Jessica - January 30

sorry left out something..............umm I'm not trying to be gross or anything but when I did get my period this morning, it was not the normal color?!? It kinda has a brownish-dark red tint???I didn't have any kinda of pms that I noticed, stomach just feels the same as it has for the past 3 weeks. Even now very very very slight cramps, almost feels like I'm hungry. I'm not pregnant am I?


JW - January 30

Hey Jessica I have no idea what is going on with you! I have heard alot of women get there period very light and not for long and are still pregnant but if you are not now you can start over this month. My thoughts are with you! Good luck.


Jessica - January 31

Well my af is almost back to normal this morning, but the cramps are different!!! Useally my c___pms are down in my lower stomach close to my hair line. This time is different the first time too! Well I'm cramping up close to my belly b___ton!?! Thats were my stomach has been hard at, all around that area! Thats also another reason I thought I could be preg was my stomach was hard mainly around the belly b___ton area. Maybe there could still be a chance that I am? Some women have periods during, some just have a few periods at first, then most women don't have any at all during pregnancy!! So....should I just wait to see if I get any more sign's of pregnancy or just go ahead & say I'm probably not??? So any of you girls have any new news??


QLeO - January 31

hi Jessica. I've been having period like cramps on and off for 2 weeks now. And my lower back is aching. But yeah, sometimes my cramps is just below my belly b___ton, and it feels tight in the inside. My at is 1 week late, still BFN! Doc's appointment on wed. May be you should see the doc as well. It'll give you a peace of mind. Best of luck!


??? - February 2

whats BFN? :o)


B'Lana - February 2

BFN-big fat negative, QLeO, it's my 1st week being late too... god I am tired of waiting! My husband still maintains I am sick but not pg :) (I have no signs of illnesses), I am hungry often, I pee every hour and today my husband looks extra appealing... I am wondering if desire is the sign of AF coming?



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