Could These Be A Signs Or Just PMS

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Hoobaby - July 8

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I am do for my period today or tommorrow. Last week I got a yeast infection, it was only the second one I've gotten in over a decade. I've been getting light headed all week, I've been bloated for over a week now. I also think I'm starting to feel a little queezy.


One and one on the way - June 18

I just found out that i am pregnant and now i am having some v____al bleeding. It is like i have my menstral cycle. There is no sever pain in my abdamin. Is this normal? Or should I go to the doctors?


Shelly - June 18

Hoobaby- go to the doctor to take care of the yeast infection. Your symptoms could go either way. Take a pregnancy test now if you don't want to wait a few days. Sometimes they do work this soon, but if it's negative you still have a chance of being pregnant.


Shelly - June 18

One and one on the way-It can be normal, but it's a good idea to get it checked out just to be sure everything is OK. Let the Dr.'s office know what's happening and that you need to get in today.


D - June 21

I've kind of had frequent urination sometimes like 6-8 times a day I think i could be pregnant the last time I had s_x was may 15 and i took a pregnancy test on may 25 it was negative and i started my period that day. I was a little constipated way earlier at the beginning and i started urinating frequently at the beginning also i did have some headaches but they werent that bad a little blood came out of my nose a couple times but i cant tell about my b___sts, and i've had a lot of gas. what could be wrong?


Shelly - June 22

D==Go to the doctor righ away. Nose bleeds are not a part of pregnancy.


CATLADY - July 8

I have been trying to get pregnant since november. This morning 7-06-04 I had a light pink color on toliet paper, and a couple times since, but none in my panties. I have had regular periods for the past 3 years, but never had a period start like this one. Normally they are heavy from the very starting moment and for the next few days. I am wondering how normal it is to have a very slight period when pregnant? Catlady



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