Could These Be Pregnancy Symptoms

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jsmi2008 - October 29

Hi everyone! I am new to this so bear with me. Me and my fiance have been trying for a couple of months now. My last period was on October 3rd. We have been having s_x on a regular basis. Aboout one week ago I had some light brown blood in my panties and it lasted two days Also, I have had heart burn and been very sleepy for the last week which is not normal for me at all. I have no other symptoms though. Could these be pregnancy symtoms? Thanks for your help!


Tonigirl - October 30

Hmmm...well, sleepiness can be a symptom that your period is coming and as for heartburn...that is a preg symptom, but with my pregnancy I didn't get heartburn into later into the pregnancy...I didn't have it as early as you're describing it. However, it is the hcg pregnancy hormone that relaxes the flap between the stomach and the esophagus. Do you know the length of your cycles or when you ovulated? That would be helpful in knowing if the light brown bleeding you experienced was implantation bleeding. I'll tell you that I did not experience any implantation bleeding with this pregnancy and most women actually don't (but some do) and I dind't notice that I was tired or anything out of the ordinary until I was 6 days late. Then I noticed that I was sick to my stomach just ever so slightly and that day I tested and I got my bfp. So, if nothing else, just wait it out and hope for the best. Good luck to you.


Tonigirl - October 30

Oh and I didn't mean to imply that sleepiness ISN'T a pregnancy symptom, because it is, it's just also a symptom that a period could be on it's way. But like I said, the only thing you can really do is just wait and take a test with your first morning urine. Good luck...


Krissy68 - October 30

jsmi2008 - When should you start AF? Keeping my fingers cross that you are pg. Tonigirl - I need to ask you a question if you don't mind. Do or did you take your temps and if so did your temp drop and you got a bfp. The reason why I am asking this is because I had AF on Oct 1 and my cycles are normally 29-30 days long so I should have started today and no signs whatsoever and I also am using fertility friend and I was suppose to test yesterday but I didn't cause my temp starting going down. i am going to test in the morning I was just wondering what do you think my chance are? I am also noticing a lot of white cm. Please help. Krissy68


Tonigirl - October 30

Hey Krissy...yes I did use Fertility Friend for a couple of months and whenever I noticed a drop in my temp I always got my period...sorry. Sometimes the drop would come and then I'd get AF a couple of days later. Do you have a temp pattern established by FF? Because once you've used FF enough it will better predict your o days...initially the o days could jump around on the calendar, meaning that it will give you your cross showing an o day and then after you submit a few more temps it will sometimes change o day...but the more you use it the more FF becomes familiar with you and your patterns for temperatures and it is more likely to accurately predict o day. Okay with all that said, your period should just about always come 14 days after o day, so don't go by the fact that in the past you normally have 29-30 day cycles, but rather count past o day 14 days and thats when you really should start your AF, but like I said if you haven't used FF enough a good pattern won't have been established and FF won't be as reliable. with all THAT said...the month that I got pregnant (which was last Feb...I'm due in 9 days) I didn't temp at all because temping was driving me mad and stressing me go figure the month i took a break and refused to stress I got my bfp. Sorry if I wasn't much help...but good luck to you!!!


jsmi2008 - November 3

Tonigirl- Thanks for the response! I believe I have a normal 28 day cycle. I do not know when I ovulated, but we have unprotected s_x on a regular basis. I started my last period on October 3rd, so AF was due October 31st... hasn't shown up yet. However, I tested yesterday morning and the result was negative.... my b___sts are very sensitive and sore???



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