Could This Be A Sign Of Pregnancy

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Laurie - October 21

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend the other day, not an unusual thing. But be mistake this time he didn't pull out in time. I am do for my period in 7 days. We had s_x 10 days before my period, could i be pregnant? And i'm know i'm worried so i'm having cramps, but could that be because i'm due for my period in 7 days or could it be that the egg has implanted in my uterus?


lola - October 21

the time frame you stated sounds pretty close to your fertile time normally it is approx 14 days before your period when you ovulate. any other symptoms?


Laurie - October 21

I think any other symptoms i've been having are because i'm stressed. The day after this happened, I was cramping and was nauesa. And I'm sure being nauesa doesnt happen for alittle while if I was pregnant. But I am having alittle discharge, clear with little streaks of white. Does that sound like i'll be getting my period soon or pregnancy? Thank lola for your response.


Jackei - October 21

well normally discharge is rather thin and creamy but i really dont think that would be happening this soon. before your period you get normal discharge that's white and kind of thick... but ya like lola said it sounds like a fertile time, watch for things like implantation bleeding ( like a period but very short and discharge is more red possibly thinner...) and just wait to see what happens ;)


Viv - October 22

In theory you would have ovulated 14 days before period and the egg would have been a goner by 10 days before. If you ovulated late and conception occurred 10 days before, why then 7 days before seems too soon to be experiencing symptoms. I understand your concern, but you'll have to wait a while longer before you have a chance to know what is going on. Withdrawal is not a means of contraception. One in four women using this are pregnant within one year. Use foam+condom for maximum safety.



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