Could This Be A Symptom

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mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 16

I am 15dpiui and 14 dpo I have not really had any symptoms but today I noticed while taking a bath that my hair was falling out. Can this be a symptom??? I have had some increase in CM but I sometimes get that before af anyway. I am not testing yet just to be sure I dont get a BFN. The latest af should arrive for me is Tuesday. And that is stretching it out really. I expect to see her within a day or so. But this new thing with my hair that is, is alarming me a little. Thanks in advance for any advice you all can give me.


Jezebel - February 16

i know it happens to women AFTER giving birth, my gf is shedding like nuts, but ive never heard of it happening during pregnancy.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 16

me either and that is why I am worried not sure what is going on. But thanks for the info


MelissaP - February 16

I would call your doctor about the hair loss. I am not sure about that. I dont think I have heard that as a pregnancy symptom..but I could be wrong. Hopefully some other girls will give you their insight! Goodluck to you on a BFP =)


Sandy81 - February 16

Hi. I have heard from reading diff threads diff sites and word of mouth some women do notice some hairloss- something related to the hormones. I am ttc and lately I have been noticing more hair coming out here and there and then my nails switched up and went from brittle to hard like rocks and shiny. So do know this isn't un heard of and I will look into it more as well and let you know if I find anything useful. Good Luck.


SarahBethT - February 16

I never heard of that either for pregnancy. I have super long hair and it falls out anyways. Not to were I have bald spots. It just Sheds. I think that happens to women with longer hair. Are you growing you hair out?


Sandy81 - February 16

Hey Sara. As for me its not faling out in clumps but Ill notice shedding more strands then usual, enough for me to take notice. I didn't attribute it to possible pregnancy until I read/heard of it, in addition to the turn around of complete opposite all of a sudden with my nails. But it could be a coincedence but I will still look for the articles etc.



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