Could This Be Happening Again

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courtney - April 29

Hi everyone...just mostly wanting to share symptoms and stories here....well here goes...I am 11 dpo and my chart went triphasic on cd 8 which i have be told is a good far as the physical symptoms go all I can say is that br___t were tender for a few days after O and then that well as slight for the last day or two I have this really bad taste in my mouth...almost like bugspray or hairspray or something...kinda weird though....I went through a huge cleaning spree of my house which the only time I can remember doing that was when I was preggo with my son.....Here's the kicker!!!! My hubby and I have been ttc for about 3 months now with no sucess....but last time I found out I was pregnant I had just gotten into an exercise routine...and now the same thing, started working out to lose weight and I would bet it will happen.....Just because I wanted to lose weight......DAMN IT!!!!! Don't get me wrong I would love to be expecting another bundle of joy, Its just that whenever u put your mind to something else it happens...(for me anyways) Okay I'll stop now...probably gettin to be a long post and I'm starting to ok one last thing, the last time we BD was 4 days before O, so I'm even wondering if it is at all possible.....So hopefully I hear some great stories and advice from everyone!!!!!!!! ***BABY DUST****


Maria - April 29

I hear that is true, that once you start to focus on something other than ttc, it happens. That's what everyone told me to do. They said I was trying too hard and if I stopped I'd probably get pg. That's a lot easier said than done when you want it so badly. Anyways, since you were focusing on something else you probably are. I'm pretty sure it's possible to get pg. 4 day before O. keep us posted. Good luck, and baby dust to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


courtney - April 30

anyone else out there experience a similar thing....any stories....oh ya and by the way maria thanks so much for responding....i wish you some much good luck and praying that it'll happen foru very soon!!!!!!!!!!


vanessa - April 30

Hi Courtney. I found out Thursday that I am pregnant and my story is very similar to yours. DH and I bd only 6 times last month and only 2 times that would have been anywhere close to ovulation! I figured I either ovulated early or the little guys hung around for a few days ;) Anyway, I didn't have a SINGLE symptom until the day I missed my period and that was very wet cm. It took me four more days to take a test because I took work out 5 times a week and figured that I was just late due to that. Nope. Two lines!!! I was four days late when I found out. Doctor confirmed with the blood test and I am officially 5 weeks pregnant. One last thing... since yesturday I have the weirdest feelings where I would normally have cramps... kinda like twinges and ga__sy type pains. It doesn't feel like AF but I definately feel things stretching or getting ready to! Breasts are killing me too. Best of luck... I hope you see the surprise on the stick I did!!!


michelle - April 30

Hi Courtney, I gave away my maternity clothes last summer. I've given away all the baby clothes as my youngest outgrew them. And a few weeks ago I gave away the crib. Last weekend - positive pregnancy test! Go figure. ;)



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