Could This Be Sign Of Pregnancy

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ritz - February 9

anyone there i know for sure my ovu date was frm feb 3 to feb 7 & we tried to ttc now it's almost 1 week frm 3rd.. CAN U FEEL TWINGES ON UR RIGHT SIDE OF TUMMY..IF PREG.i'm trying to be..if anyone had exp or know about it pls help..thanks in advance & baby dust to all ttc..


to ritz - February 10

i ovulated on the 4th and i have tugging in lower tummy xx


La Rae - February 10

I ovulated on the 5th and I have felt the same thing. On both sides, but mostly the right. Especially this morning. I also have shortness of breath, and my nose, and ears are all plugged up and I know I don't have a cold. Plus, I am salivating like crazy. The twinges are definitely a weird feeling though...the 3 months prior to this one when I was ttc and psyching myself into thinking I was pg - well, those 'symptoms' that I thought I felt were NOTHING compared to the ones I am feeling now. Oh yeah, and I also got very dizzy while in the shower this morning, and my b___bs still feel 'Heavy'. Not sore, just 'Heavy'. I have one child already, so I am hoping that I am just really 'In Tune' with my body. Good Luck to all of us!


Tam - February 10

I have exactly the same thing, sort of like cramps on the right side of my tummy. I'm 5 days late, but haven't taken a test yet. Are the cramps on the right side of tummy a sign of pregnancy???


rhonda - February 10

We are ttc and I ovulated on the 2nd Feb. I have twinges, like ovulation pains, in the centre low down and on the right hand side. My friend who has her ist baby told me this is a good sign as something is going on down there! I hope this is a good sign. I have no other symptoms, I'm scared to get my hopes up as this is our 4th month ttc. Every month I think I feel symptoms and AF shows! Good luck to all


Kels - February 10

I feel the same way. I've also been very ga__sy (burping and such) I don't know if this is a sign or not but foods that I usually like I can't stand and stuff that i eat taste different and my sense of smell has increased. I'm constently taking out the trash because I just can't stand it!


ritz - February 10

thanks we all have almost the same thing going on.. looks like there r signs for us..& tam i think ur preg coz u don't have ur af yet ,,though ours i guess who all ovl frm 2nd to 5th, af must be somewhere due bet'n 17/20th of feb let's keep figers crossed..& really la rae,rhonda,tam,kels this sharing helps us a lot ..coz it gives us support that everyone is with u.. sorry forget to mention one thing i have very little discharge now not as much as i had earlier..anybody else with the same af due on 17/19..usalyy 27 to 29 day cycle..



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