Could This Have Been Implantation Bleeding

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Hopeful Chila - March 19

Could this have been implanation bleeding gone bad? -- My cycle has been pretty regular the past 2 years. We just started trying in January. On Feb 16th my Fertlity Friend Chart said I ovulated on Feb 24th. My temp jumped from (2/24) 97.5 to (2/25) 98. We consummated from 2/24 - 2/25. On 2/26 my temp jumped to 98.6, so I thought I could possibly be prego. My temp gradually decreased from dpo 1 - 6 and then jumped again on dpo 7. I read that 7 - 10 days past Ovulation one might experience implantation spotting. On DPO 10 I started spotting light pink and then the following days it started to get heavy and it was like I had my period. I thought this was odd since I normally have a 28 day cycle. My period was 10 days early. Do you think something went wrong? Now I'm still waiting to ovulate... no signs yet. My FF chart saad I should ovulate Mar. 19th, but still no temp changes. I am trying to stay positive... I want so much to conceive, but I know it's still early.


Erica - April 4

Did you take a pregnancy test? Seems like you should b/c sometimes there will be heavy bleeding and doctors will attribute it to the rare vanishing twin sysndrome.


Chila - April 4

Hi Erica. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I've since took an HPT test and it was negative. I'm on my second waiting stage now. I'm expecting AF to rear her ugly head tomorrow. This morning I was worried because when I wiped after urinating I noticed a very feint reddish pink color on my tissue. I haven't seen it again so far, just that once. Also, my temp dropped from 98.3 to 97.9 this morning from yesterday morning. I'm so nervous...


L. - April 4

Implantation is supposed to happen 14 days after s_x.


Chila - April 4

Thanks L for the info. I was wondering about that.. because I read on another pregnancy site that IB normally occured 7 - 10 days past ovulation. So, maybe it could be IB for me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that AF(Aunt Flo) doesn't show up tomorrow.


Me2 - April 4

I am in the same boat with you Chila. I had the light pink wipe today also and got very disappointed thing AF is coming.


Linda - April 4

Hi Chila - your hopefulness struck a strong chord with me. My cycle is similar to yours - it's been regular for years and I ovulated around the same time as you in Jan, which was our first try also. When my next period was due I started bleeding but it seemed to be more like brown mucus. I also had sore, larger than usual b___sts. I became hopeful that it was implantation bleeding until my period started in earnest just a few days later. Usually I have more than a week of light spotting before a period so this was definitely different. My husband then had to go o/seas to work, right when I ovulated in Feb so that was a no go. My next period in March didn't have the usual, long lead-up time of spotting. It just came and went, which hasn't happened for years. I ovulated around easter this March and we had intercourse every day for six or seven days before, during and after the appearance of the fertile mucus. Now I've got the brown mucus again but it's 7-10 days earlier than my period is supposed to be due. I was so surprised when I got up the other morning and saw it. Like you, I don't know if it is my period or if it's implantation bleeding. I haven't had an early period for as long as I can remember, if ever. Apparently it was quite possible we fertilised way back in Jan. but the egg didn't 'stick'. So I'm waiting to see what happens this time. I'm feeling strangely discouraged and miserable and feel as though I'm watching my body lose the beginnings of a pregnancy. I guess a test will soon clear the question up. It sounds encouraging to me that you haven't ovulated yet... and so many women have bleeding of all types well into their healthy, successful pregnancies. I agree it's still early but I know the kind of hope you're feeling because I'm feeling it too. It's funny how once you finally try to get pregnant you realise how long a single month can be!!


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 4

Hi Linda, I wish you all the best this month. I hope this is just IB for you too!! I know.. I was just thinking today how long a day, a week, a month can be when you are waiting for an answer.. or a sign. All my friends that with kids have been supporting me through all of this.. but some of them say.. "Well, if it doesn't happen this month... don't worry.. don't be disappointed.. don't beat yourself up over it.. just try again next month".. but for those of us who are newly trying.. we can't help but have these sad, disappointing trials.. I guess after a while maybe I learn to be more patient and understanding.. but for now.. I think we all have a right to cry, scream, and be angry, confused... It's our body and we have the right to feel the way we do. Of course all the different hormones flowing through us doesn't help either with the emotions.. :-) but I know one thing. No matter how long it takes... I'm not going to give up!! I'm praying AF doesn't show her ugly head tomorrow! Baby Dust to you All!


Linda - Melbourne, Australia - April 4

Hi Chila - best of luck tomorrow. I'll send positive thoughts throughout today and truly hope AF has no business with you (or Me2) this month. Fingers crossed.


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 8

Hey girls, I created a new thread called "Waiting Buddies - May 5th". I noticed that a coupld of us have been writing on 2 or 3 different threads so maybe we can start our regular group on the new thread. I hope to hear from you all soon, as May 5th is my new waiting date for AF, which I hope doesn't show up! I just finished with my AF yesterday which was very heavy and I bled clots. I think I had an "inevitable miscarriage" because I experienced cramping for the first time with my AF. Well, hope you are all notes soon.



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