Could You Be Pregnant And Still Have A Period

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Tiffany - July 10

My LPM was may 23, then i felt as if i were pregnant, even got a positive home pregnancy test, then i started 5 days late. hpt showed neg, positive, then neg result again. after i started my period i didn't take anymore test. is there any possible way i could be pregnant but still have a period. anyone experience anything like this?


Linds - July 10

Yes you could still have af and be preg. But you could have m/c too, hence postive, then neg. I would suggest a blood test and/or ultrasound if you are past 6 weeks. I know a lot of people with af during preg. although everyone I personally know told me they received positive urine tests....doesn't mean everybody will though.


tracy - July 11

well.........i am now pregnant and i am going through the same thing i took a test and it came positive for the first 3 time then negative i went ot the doctor found out that i was pregnant ,i think that the best think to do is see a doctor.


Melissa - July 11

I had the almost the same thing Tiffany. I was supposed to start on the 4th but only had a drop of watery blood; Tuesday nothing; Wednesday I had beige discharge; Thursday nothing; Friday a little discharge and pink spots; Saturday and Sunday I had light bleeding; and today even less bleeding along with the "b___terfly effect" in my tummy, dizzy, quizy tummy around the noon I crazy?


Tiffany - July 12

Thank you guys for your experience. I think i will probably make an appointment for thiw week, or next. I haven't been feeling sick, well i almost throw up twice. i just blew it off as sinus drainage bothering my stomach. but now that i think about it, kind of fishy. i have been really tired. but i work nightshift, so it's hard to tell if that's just normal tiredness. Maybe I will just go buy a test tomorrow. I hate spending so much money on those things. Thanks for the answers and support.



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