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Maren - May 11

My husband and I adopted in March after about 3-4 years of ttc. I have been able to stay home until August with my son which has been great. We don't use protection since we haven't been able to conceive. I had a period in March, but don't think so in April and had light pink when I wiped a few weeks again, not much, enough to think my period was starting soon. I put a tampon in and hadn't had any more bleeding, just some gooey stuff coating the tampon. We are not planning another one right now, and I am a little scared my body just relaxed enough after my son came to get pregnant, ahh, that would be so scarry as my son is only 2 months, couldn't be?


austynsmommy - May 12

It sounds like you could be. Are you having any symptoms? I would take a test. Good luck. My son is also only 4 months old and i'm two monthes pregnant.


Maren - May 13

Good luck to you and your new little one. It would be neat to have kids so close in age, I bet they will be close. I am still procrastinating a test. ?? Lately I feel like I have an extra inter tube around my waist, this could be my lazy new life style with my infant at home, perhaps I have gained a few pounds. I'm just a little ache, I wouldn't say I have any strong signs. My husband agrees we should probably buy a test, it just seems unlikely. I was googling and it was less than 10% of women get pregnant after adopting, and in the first few months?? Although our issues were unexplained we spent about 4 years and three rounds of injections not getting pregnant. We would be happy and would adjust to another little one.


kimberly - May 13

It took me nearly 4 years to concieve my second and then when I wanted my third it happened the first month. Point being just because you had trouble before don't mean you will now. A test would be a good idea. However if you have fertility issues, you may have ovulation problems and this can make you not have a period. A period happens because of ovulation, you probably already know that but just a thought.


Maren - May 14

Thanks Kimberly, our first is adopted. We have had all the tests, which came back ok, laparoscopy and tubes tested. It seems to be a mystery, perhaps it was stress. I thought my period was going to start yesterday, I had some light pink staining, only when I wiped not on the pad. It was gone now. ?? It was a little like what happened a few weeks ago. My husband and I think we will test this weekend.


kimberly - May 14

I think a test is in order,just to rule pregnancy out. Do you normally have regular periods or have they always been a little off? If they are usually on time I would say chances are high you could be pregnant. Oh, and Congrats on your son! Adoption is such a great thing.


Maren - May 14

Our son is great! Today is his vaccination day, yikes. I've never skipped a period, usually they are between 30- 37 day variation. I'm a teacher and my maternity leave has gone right into summer so I'm able to stay at home with him for 5 months, yay. My school is private and they have been so supportive I almost feel guilty if we were pregnant and I was to take another leave so soon. I hope they would understand. Paid time off is awsome.


kimberly - May 14

My sister is a teacher and she had her girls literally 10 months apart, and she had no problems with taking maternity leave again so soon after. 30 to 37 day cycles are considered irregular(shouldn't fluctuate so much) so it could just be you ovulated late this month or not at all, have you bought a test yet? Let us know the results! Enjoy your litle one, time flies by! Mine are 10, 5,(boys) and my daughter is 20 months.


Maren - May 16

Kimberly, thanks for lending an ear, AF came, super heavy to make up for the almost 2 months without, yesterday after I tested. It is frustrating to have irregular cycles! Good luck to you and your family.



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