Count Down To BFP

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lillybug - July 17

tally~~~~~~ I was just sitting here at work and my left eye felt funny so I closed it and then rubbed hard on it and then when I opened my eye it was twitching!!!!!!!!!!! lol I was like this is what Tally is feeling! lol Weird right. Oh i forgot to mention that I have been constipated too for two days now. I just can't get myself to go to the bathroom!


Krissy68 - July 17

Sabine - I also have the internet hpt and opk test strip that is why I am testing 2 times a day with the opk test strip cause I have so many. Keeping my fingers cross that you get a BFP can't wait until friday that is when you will be testing right. I will not be taking my first hpt until July 31 as of today I am cd 13 I am still trying to get a BFP on the opk but this morning I did start to see the test line appear so I'm thinking I will be ovulating really soon or at least I hope so. I'm sorry that AF has shown up. Krissy68


Sabine - July 18

Hey all. definately AF, cramps are bad!!! I looked ahead to August and I am ovulating when both my hubby and I are on SEPERATE vacations! Argh so we won't be trying again until September. I'll be checking in and I wish all BFP's!!!! good luck to the eye twitchers lol. Krissy hang in there and babydust galore!


TallyJo4 - July 18

Lilly~ I know its a little strange right. If we both get BFP's with our eye twitches then I think we are onto something. Maybe the very earliest symptom there is. :) LMAO! Mine is still twitching. The bottom left eye lid keeps pulling a little bit to MY RIGHT! :) I have watched it in the mirror several times to make sure I wasn't imagining things! We better get our BFP's now after all of this annoying twitching we have going on. :)


TallyJo4 - July 18

Sabine~ Well maybe a month off will be a positive thing. September will be your month! :) Keep checking in with us over the next week so you can find out if this twitching is a good sign. That way when you get the twitch in September you will know what it is! :) Good Luck ladies!


clare41 - July 18

Me too! 5dpo -that's 10 days to test for me. I swore after a___lyzing lines last month that I wouldn't test early. So it's 10 days--Monday 28--if AF doesn't show. So let's vent together. And i have no signs. Ask me how I know? LOL. Because 2 months in a row I had A TON OF SYMPTOMS and they were BFNs! Ha! :) Hang in there (together) ladies.


curious_9 - July 18

Sorry ladies, but I am new at this and was just wondering what BFP stands for? Thanx


TallyJo4 - July 18

Clare~ AMEN sister. This TTC thing is crazy. I get to test on the 24th that is when AF is due, but I am sure I will start testing Sunday like I have the past 2 months! :) 3rd times a charm right! :)


Sabine - July 18

Curious, BFP means Big Fat Postive. Welcome Clare, I know you from other threads. I've been reading and lurking and am glad you found us! I hope you get your BFP this month too! Hang in there. TallyJo, a "rest" :) would be good, perhaps I'll get out of the mindset, relax for a bit and bam it happens, oh I hope so!


Erin1979 - July 19

So sorry to hear AF showed Sabine. :-( I did an early test on Wednesday, and it was negative, but today is the 19th, and still no AF. I'm keeping my hopes up. I've got tender b___bs, slight nausea, bloated, had eye twitch for the past 2 days, nose feels a little stuffy and (I may need my eyes checked) it looks like my nipples are changing colour (sorry..tmi!!). All signs are pointing to yes, but we'll see. I'm going to wait unitl tomorrow to test again...just to be sure! Good luck to everyone in their 2ww!!!


clare41 - July 20

Checking in LADIES HOW ARE WE DOING?? AAAGHHH. this is crazy making 750. had a half-decaf today so I broke the no caffeine rule Iset for myself. I am taking my baby aspirin each day. Suprise--NO SYMPTOMS. I want to POAS!


TallyJo4 - July 21

Sabine~ Yes a rest will be good for all of us I think. GOODNESS! Erin~ I am telling you I think this eye twitch stuff is a positive thing. :) Clare~ I know we all cannot resist POAS! :) I did it twice this weekend. I had a very very faint line on Saturday and no line on Sunday. I wasn't positive it was even a line on Saturday and when I looked at it later the line was darker (this tells me it was possibly an evap line) I am going to wait until tomorrow and test again I will be 12-13 dpo tomorrow so it should show up by then.


Krissy68 - July 21

clare41 - How are you doing today. Well as for me I'm cd 17 and I got a bfp on the opk test on cd 14-16 and today cd 17 it is Neg. I have been testing two times a day since cd 7 here are my temps from cd 14 97.97, cd 15 97.80, cd 16 97.93 and today cd 17 98.62. I also bd on cd 6, 9-13 & 16. What do you think my chances are? Since today is cd 17 I start taking the progesterone gel tonight at bedtime I will let you know how that is working out in a few days. curious_9 - bfp means big fat positive on either your opk test or hpt test. sabine - I am sorry that AF showed up how are you doing today. TallyJo4 - Did you test today? Krissy68


Erin1979 - July 21

so just an update...BFP!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait until I got home and tested while at work...I'm still in shock!! How is everyone else doing today? Tally? Did you test again??


two_little_ladies - July 21

That is wonderful Erin!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope there are gonna be more BFP's !!!


TallyJo4 - July 22

Erin~ AWESOME you got your BFP. Congrats!! Yes I tested this morning with FMU and got a BFN. AF will probably be coming somewhere between tomorrow and Friday.



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