Count Down To BFP

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TallyJo4 - July 22

Erin~ AWESOME you got your BFP. Congrats!! Yes I tested this morning with FMU and got a BFN. AF will probably be coming somewhere between tomorrow and Friday.


lillybug - July 22

congrats ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Lets see some more BFP's!!!!!!!!! Well Af is due on Monday, so lets see what happens. I'm only 8dpo and I don't want to test yet, its too early I would say right?


Krissy68 - July 22

Erin1979 - Congrats!!!!! Was AF late? How many dpo were you before you tested? When are you going to the doctor? Sorry for the 21 questions LOL. TallyJo4 - I'm sorry you got a BFN. I would wait and test again in a few more days. I hope AF don't show her ugly head. Hang in there. lillybug - Keeping my fingers cross for you. I know some of the girls have tested 8dpo and gotten a bfp so if you can't hold out until Monday I would test in like 2 days and see what you get. I'm in the 2ww as well according to FF I ovulated on cd 15 so I am 3dpo and I can test in 9 days. We shall see I have promosie myself I will not test early and go by this chart my doctor gave me which is to test on CD 27 & 28. I am a nervous wreck. Krissy68


TallyJo4 - July 22

Krissy~ I hope you get your BFP. I am having AF cramps today (a few days early) but I can tell she is on her way. UGHHHH! Lilly~ I hope you get your BFP too. If not we can all do this together again next month. :)


lillybug - July 22

Krissy~~~~ good luck girl! I want to wait and see too. I don't want to test too early so I might test on 11dpo which is on Friday morning. So lets see


Krissy68 - July 22

TallyJo4 - I wish she wasn't on her way and that she skip you and went to someone else. Are you taking your temp? If so are they starting to go down? I know with me when my temp start going down then I know she is about to start knocking on my door. LOL lillybug - Okay I guess I have to wait until Friday for me to see that you got your bfp!!!!! What day is AF suppose to show up? Krissy68


Sabine - July 23

Hi all just checking in and seeing how you are all doing and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to ERIN1979!!! Congratulations to you!!!!!! Hang in there TallyJo-its not over till its over!! Lillybug I know this is the worst part-but hopefully it will all go well for you. clare-how are you holding up with this waiting game? Symptoms still at bay? Krissy-I am better now in the sense that I accepted it and moved on. I will relax this cycle and tackle September, lol. The good news is with each cycle my hubby gets more and more used to the idea of starting a family. He is quite nervous but is getting more used to the idea. Anyone else experiencing this?


TallyJo4 - July 23

Krissy~ I know I wish she would skip me too. I do not temp. Every month around this time I wish I did. LOL! How are you coming along? Any new symptoms to report? Sabine~ I know I keep telling myself that and then I read that women felt like AF was coming and then got their BFP. I have not seen her yet and something a little strange the cramps went away last night and my b___bs are almost not sore anymore. This usually does not happen until she shows. My right one has been terrible and my left one pretty normal, but this morning the pain went from like an 8 to a 2. AF isn't officially due until tomorrow so we will see what happens.Lilly~ How about you? Any new symptoms to report?


lillybug - July 23

Good Morning girls. I'm 9dpo today! lol AF is due on Monday


Erin1979 - July 23

Thanks Ladies! We're pretty excited!!!! Krissy, I tested at 11dpo, and got a BFN, then again at 16 days dpo, and got the BFP! I was late for my AF, and she ALWAYS comes on time, so I figured I had to test. I'm going to the doctor August 11th, and she'll set me up for an ultrasound sometime in September. I'm still in shock! Best of luck to all the ladies TTC and testing!!! Baby dust to all!


Krissy68 - July 24

Sabine - that is good that dh is getting excited about becoming a daddy which make it less stressful for you. Hang in there your time is coming. Keeping my fingers cross for you. TallyJo4 - Well today I am cd 20/5dpo and my temp are still going up so I hope this is a good sign we will see how they are looking next week. I started taking the prgesterone gel on cd 17. I am starting to feel tired and my stomach is quessy and my lower back have been killing me for the last few days. I am so ready to test right now but I have to wait until next thursday. How are you doing? lillybug - Are you having any signs that AF is on her way. Keeping my fingers cross that she stay away. Are you going to test on Monday? Erin1979 - This is wonderful news so I take it AF was suppose to show up on 16dpo. I can't wait for your update from your dr visit. Krissy68


Sabine - July 28

Hey girls, just checking in and seeing you are faring, anymore BFP's out there or did AF rear her ugly head??


momtoaandk - July 29

I am in the 2ww with you gals, I dont wanna test till aug 8th, but have a feeling I will break down and do it early, I'm a weak little girl, lol! ERIN, yay!!!!! Congrats to you!!! So, is there anyone who is testing aroung the same time as me? I need an amiga or two, or more, to get through "the crazy wait" lol! Been having some symptoms, 7dpo today, so idk, I keep telling myself "its not a pregnancy symptoms, its just from something else." I am trying not to obsess over every little thing, but its so hard!!! Arggh!


mystigal279 - July 29

hi, i tested on the 26th of july which i think would be either 14 or 12 dpo. and i got the faintest of the faintest of the faintest positives. so faint that i am doubting what i saw. am planning on testing again on the 4th of 5th of august.. i'll be you buddy!!


Krissy68 - July 29

Hey ladies here is my update: Nothing!!! Well today I am cd 25 10dpo and my temp has went down from yesterday 98.85 to 98.52 but I am still way above my cover line so I guess that is good. I couldn't help it and tested and of course it was a bfn so I am preparing myself for AF to show up within 6 days. I will let you all know. mystigal279 - Congrats the date you will be testing again is the day AF is suppose to show her head. Krissy68


Nyd - November 21

Hi ladies, i m ttc since june, i am not regular with my AF, my cycle is 40 days according to which i ovulated on 9th November.

i am feeling few symptoms such as cramps, nausea, very tired, sleepy, pain in nipples (not too much), continues eye twitching (8th day today).

am I really pregnant or is it all in my mind?  



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