Courious And Biding My Time

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Laurie - November 9

My husband and I are trying for a baby... We had s_x on my most fertile days that was two weeks ago, I have been feeling tired and my lower abdomen is tender and achey like I'm going to start my period. I have this heavy feeling on my bladder too. I have a 7 year old and have 2 pregnancies since, which ended in ms. I think that I'm pregnant but wan't to know if anyone else has had the same simptoms as I?


Peaches - November 9

Well my husband and I are trying. My period ended on the 25th Oct so my fertile days would have been the 1st wk in Nov, which I recall we did have s_x none stop throughout that period, I am also feeling very different, I feel very light b___terflies in my stomach and also lower back pain. I also have a very good feeling that I am but time will tell if I come on next week which is when I'm due!!


Laurie - November 19

I'm am pregnant I found out on the 18th i am 5 weeks we are sooo happy. Just wanted everyone to know...


A.V - November 19

Congratulations!! Wish you the best!


Laurie - November 19

Thanks are u pregnant A,V


A.V. - November 19

Well I don't know yet I'm waiting for those high sensitivity preg. test I have been feeling like something is different but like 2 days ago I started bleeding not heavily like my first 2 days usually are, I usually have to wear the overnight one's during the day, sorry tmi, but that is what has got me feeling like I have a chance that it is much lighter than usual, I have symtoms like the one's you were describing before you found out the good news, so I'm just waiting for my test to arrive.


A.V. - November 19

I forgot to add that my last af was Oct 23 very light also 3 days first day dark brown then usual and I got this one 6 days early my husband and I were also intimate on my fertile days according to the ovulation calculator, what do you think do I have a chance?


Laurie - November 22

AV- You never know sound good though, Just take it easy and try not to worry.. I know its easer said than done. We are still waiting for the danger zone to be over its one waiting game after another isn't it. My last pregnancy I mc at 3 months so I'm kind of scared but not letting it get to me and taking it real easy!!!!! Good luck to you don't forget to tell me tour news(good or Bad) I'm sure it's going to be good...


A.V. - November 22

Hi Laurie well i guess it was my period but I am having some dull pain that won't go away, so I have an appointment tomarrow morning, although I started spotting again but now it's brownish red any ideas on what can be wrong


Peaches - November 23

Well hi ladies! I am now a week late I did a test on SAT and it was neg so i will give it another week!! And try again this weekend!! Good luck ladies


Laurie - November 23

AV Sorry to hear But it does sound like a period if the pains arent severe then it probably is your period. Look on the brighter side you have more time to have FUN making that baby!!!! Don't worry it will happen for you, just be patient nows the time to practice your patience skills your gonna need them for the baby and the child it will become... Good luck Oh by the way its good that your seeing your doctor..


Laurie - November 23

Peaches - good luck the waiting period is always the hardest hang in there.


Peaches - November 23

Thank you Laurie, I tell you this waiting is doing my head in!!! My hubby keeps telling me to go to the doctor but I don't want to be disappointed again!! So i am going to try and hang in there to the end of the week then i will definately know one way or another. As I have never ever been this late except when I was first pregnant. i have a 3 yr old!


peaches - November 23

Well, I've just come on so it looks like it was all in my head. Will try again next month!! Good luck for the rest of you!


A.V. - November 23

Well I have an appointment with my gyn in an hour so let's see what he say's I'll keep you posted.


Laurie - November 23

Sorry for the news Peaches Like I said to AV you'll have fun trying ....


Laurie - November 23

Good luck AV



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