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Ben's Wife - May 18

Hey people, I've heard plenty of women say that they got menstrual like cramps before their pregnancy was confirmed, I just want to know how you can tell the difference between pregnancy cramps and period cramps. Do they feel the same?


Mandy -->Ben's Wife - May 18

Hey, Yeah I was wondering the same thing.. I have the same yet milder cramps.. in a somewhat different location ... they bother me and get worse when walsking and standing.. my last period was 19th of april.. what do you think? help!!


Ben's Wife - May 18

Hey Mandy, my last period was April 20, we can wait together lol. But last month I swore I was pregnant, I cramped for 2-1/2 weeks and that was unusual. Since your cramps are a bit different I would say it's a possibility. Are you supposed to start tomorrow? I am but I think I actually will. Keep me posted : )


kate - May 18

i think they are both so similiar only a late-missed period can tell you more


Patti - May 18

My byofriend and I had s_x on 5/15 and the condom broke. We did not know that until he was totally done. My cycly started on 5/9 and ended on 5/13 late in the evening. I have been cramping for the past two days and I know that it is not my period because I just got over it. So what are the odds that I am pregnant?


CB - May 18

I would love to know the difference. I ovulated last Thursday, and ever since last Sunday I have been cramping. I know it's too early for PMS, so could I be preggo???


Mandy--Ben's Wife - May 19

Crazyness, well I still haven't gotten my period and I dont' really know WHEN I am suppose to get my period it is irregular.. but usually with my m/c they last a day or two then I get my period.. and they are usually really bad...For the past week or so I have been having strange,strange cramps in my lower abdomen and well today I started feeling them a little higher, right above my belly b___ton. I don't know if I am just seeing what I want to see or not but I think I am seeing faint blue veins around my nipples.. I don't know.. I don't know if I even think I am pregnant and usually you just know..right?... Bleh I don't know.. I'm only a teenager... I try to keep my knowledge up to date!!..Oh, and I will definatly keep you posted..


Mary Ann - May 19

HI ladies. I have been having cramping to for the past 4 or 5 days. It is actually becoming very annoying. This morning I woke up to the cramps, so I know I am not just imagining them. I was half asleep and the cramping really bothered me. This has happened twice. I also get them through out the day. I do remeber cramping from a previous pregnancy, it started a few days after ovulation. I remember it being my first sign that I was pregnant. So I am crossing my fingers this time again. I am not expecting AF until May 29/30. :)


Mary Ann - May 19

To answer ur question about the difference in the cramps. I am not sure how to explain it. When I get my period, the cramps are all over my lower abdominal area, verr strong and heavy feeling as well. The cramps I am getting now, either happend on the right or left side of my lower abdomin each time. Not all over. They are like twinges, like someone is really pulling or poking me doen there. I hope this hepls you. Good Luck. :)



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