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Angel07 - July 10

Hi there, I am only one week late with my monthly period, but am experiencing a pain similar to period pain. It is more on the right hand side than the left. Other than this I don't have any other symptoms but am hoping that I am pregnan - been only trying 2 months now!


laura8 - July 10

test now! that is exactly how i felt before i got my bfp! af like cramping and mainly on the right side. i think it has something to do with your uterus stretching and that kind of cramping is usually mainly on the right side for some reason. good luck and let us know!


Angel07 - July 11

Hi Laura8, thank you for your response. Don't want to test yet - worried I will be let down :-( Decided to wait an extra week?? Sorry what is BFP?


Faith1 - July 11

BFP= big fat positive


kaylas mom - July 11

okay is the pain on your right side like a pulling weird kind of feeling like near your right ovary?


Angel07 - July 11

Yes, yesterday it was really bad, I thought my ovaries were going to drop out - today it's feeling much better. Every so slight af like feeling?


kaylas mom - July 11

i do not know what it is but i have the same feeling in my right side. sometimes in my left. let me know if you find out anything


Angel07 - July 11

I will do, have you tested? I am sooo holding fingers. I am just unsure that the feeling is normal - I mean what if it's a bad thing....??


Angel07 - July 11

Also, I have noticed I have itchy nipples?? Anyone out there that has this symptom??


sarahd - July 11

Angela you should be able to get a reliable hpt result if you're already a week late. I know it's so stressful, but TEST!!! Good luck sweetie and let us know!


peta-leigh - July 12

hi i am experiencing the same thing. i am just on a week late for my period, and i've been having af like symptoms, for the last 2 days. last night though, when i wiped, there was a smidgeon of blood, but i havnt seen any more since then, and believe me, i've looked! (sorry if tmi lol) i'm goiing to wait a couple of days to test, just to see what is happening. i'm pretty sure its just my af coming though.:(



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