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MelissaP - December 4

Hello Girls =) The husband and I are ttc. I am due for af any day now. I have been having af cramps for the past three days, but I haven't started yet. I feel like she is going to be here any minute. I usually have af cramps..then within the day I start. So, is having af like cramps a sign of pregnancy? We had s_x on what I though was my fertile days according to mymonthlycycles. I have been feeling a little sick to my stomach ocassionally as well. I did test yesterday morning and it was bfn. So....i am not sure what to think. Any input?


MelissaP - December 4



JND - December 4

Well that's how I felt with my first pregnancy. I felt like af was going to come pouring right out of me. I think I tested + 5 days my missed period but everyone is different. Cramping is a very good sign. Good luck!


JND - December 4

Sorry I forget the word BEFORE... 5 days before


MelissaP - December 4

Thanks JND. I am feeling really moody today i could just cry. I am probably just pms'ing =(. Each month pms is sooo different for me. Last month my b___sts were extremely sore, but i wasn't emotional. I cramped, and started af pretty soon after. This month I am cramping for doesnt want to start....its making me irritable...and i feel like crying. b___sts dont hurt...but they feel fuller. Guess I will just have to wait it out. I have tampons armed and ready ..haha


planklg - December 5

Hi Melissa-I'm late about 7 days tested 2x's and negative so I'm going in for blood test and end of week. Did you test? Today I have very mild cramping like period but no af?? Good luck,Lee


Teddyfinch - December 5

i love the way she refers to her husband as "the husband". i'm gonna start using that lol.


lastchance - December 5

3 days late today! OMG! but my pms, which is normally VERY BAD is not here.... so.... huh? Funny, I have no symptoms...... but I did buy a big bag of chocolate, so maybe thats a pms symptom in its self. ;-) haha.... I have no real pregnancy symptoms either... but last time I had symptoms it was just PMS, so this time I think something is up....


MelissaP - December 5

ok..I still have af cramping...but no bleeding....yet. This is sooo wierd..I usually start soon after the af cramping. I cramped a lot yesterday and am cramping today. But no blood..what the hell. I think this is some type of it normal to have af like cramps if pregnant?...I tester like...2-3 days ago..but it was negative. I have a doctors appt today for my annual exam (ob). Maybe i should just ask the dc whats up


infam0uszxoo - December 6

i am looking for is what i am going through is a possible pregnancy .... i am having nausea ( not throwing up ) abdominal cramps for four days now, and have been sleeping alot annd feeling tired. My last period was about 2 weeks ago , is it common to feel this way this so soon? when is the earliest a dr. can determine pregnancy ? I dont want to go to soon and be disapointed however i am etremely uncomfortable ...also, me and fiance have unprotected s_x daily ,however we have been for 8 months with nothing happening ?



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