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anonymous - December 3

Can light cramping be caused by the egg implanting itself into the uterine lining? I'm on a 26 day cycle and I am trying to get pregnant my period is not due until the 14th. Any imput would help.


Leah - December 3

Hello! I'm wondering the same thing and already posted a similar question, but no luck! If my husband and I concieved I would be around the time for implantation to take place and this morning I was feeling a strange cramp in the right side of my uterus! So I'm curious to hear from other women that have been pregnant.


Anonymous - December 3

Hi Leah, I would be about 6 dpo so I posted the question to see if any pregnant women would be able to give some imput, or who have been


Tara - December 3

I am in the same boat...period due on the 15th, but I have had light cramping and a back ache since I ovulated, it feels like my period is going to start any minute although that would be a first (I am usually right on time). I am hoping it is not my mind just playing tricks on husband and I just started trying this month and I am so eager to be pregnant! Ha ha ha.


zuly - December 3

It could be many things. Like a period or a cyst or it may also be implantation. But if you think you could be pregnant take a test to see good luck.


gc - December 3

i am in the same situation, af is due the 15th and always on time, but cramping like i am getting af now. hope that is a good sign for precnancy :) too soon to test :(


anonymous - December 3

When can I test? like with the sensitive pregnancy test like 15-20ml of the pregnancy hormone


zuly - December 5

Try two weeks after your period was due to come.


Misty - December 5

Yes.You can can experience cramping with implantation.That is when the embryo starts to make and secrete the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.Most tests will now show that you are pregnant,but there is a chance of getting a negative result when you are actually pregnant.Cramping can be felt at response to the changing uterus.Even at 6 weeks,your uterus is nearly double in size.



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