Cramping 2 4 Dpo

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Sophia F - August 22

Ive been ttc for like 3 months and a few days ago I noticed some strange cramping just 2dpo...which is unusual for me. Today is 4dpo and my nipples r a little sore. Is this a possible sign of pregnancy. I'm anxious to know!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - August 22

Good grief! That would be a record if you had implantation only 2 days after ovulation. Is it possible ovulation was several days earlier than you thought? Sensitive nipples and heavier b___sts are often reported early signs. Your next period is due Sept 1st? GL!


Sophia F - August 22

No I'm due to come on September 4. But idk but I really want to have a baby


shay05 - August 22

Hi Sophia, I'm also experiencing cramping at 4dpo. I'm thinking it may just be a signal that ovulation is over. I'm also ttc so I'm hoping to get my BFP on the 1st. Good luck to you and keep us posted!


Sophia F - August 23

Hello Shay. Im also hoping for a BFP *CROSSES FINGERS*. I've been trying for so long. I'm starting to get impatient lls. I'm not ready to give up yet


shay05 - August 23

I am right there with ya girl. It can be extemely frustrting but hang in there! My problem is trying to stay calm the week before its time to test (this week for instance). I feel like its all I think about haha.


Sophia F - August 24

Hello everybody....well it's 6dpo, and I woke up this morning with my b___st feeling heavier than usual. & my nipples are a bit sensitive....its still too early to test though.....I wanna know I really can't wait!


Taneia - August 25

hey sophia funny has it i have been feeling this same way except my b___st arent sore but i have been nauseous for the last couple days and have been having some cramping and been peeing alot and some other symptoms as well....i also am scheduled for AF to show her ugly head on sept 4th so im stuck on the waiting game with you til then i also am 6dpo and have been feelin it since 2dpo i really do hope i am pregnant i have been ttc for several months now i hope we do get bfp i would be excited :)


Taneia - August 25

i meant to say 7dpo**


shay05 - August 30

Any updates ladies? Still waiting for AF...


Taneia - August 30

Shay- here is an update on me i had some spotting on the 27th and havent had anymore blood since then i took a hpt this morning and it came back im a tad confused but im not giving up hope that i might still be pregnant and that was implantation bleeding i had and i tested to early so im going to wait til friday and hopefully get a BFP and if not then and AF doesnt start on sunday i will try testing any updates on you??


shay05 - August 31

Hi Taneia! Well AF is due tomorrow and I'm definitely feeling like it :( but I still have hope that it might not come. I'm going to test by the end of week if not. What's different this time though is my nipples usually get super sensitive a week or two before AF but haven't this month for some reason until today (day before). Anyway, I hope you still get your BFP this month and baby dust to you!!! I'll post an update later on in the week.


shay05 - August 31

I should probably add that my AF is like clock work each month literally down to the time of day haha


shay05 - September 2

Hi ladies! Just wanted to give a quick update. I'm now 2 days late for AF so I decided to test this morning as planned. I got a clear BFN :-( I'm still wondering if maybe it was bit soon but I don't think so. I'm still experiencing cramping, bloating, and just an overall not right/ tired feeling. I'm now hoping my period starts soon so I can move on to trying this month and also feel better. I know I shouldn't be bummed but I can't help but feel this way after trying to be so patient by waiting to test. Not really sure what to do if AF doesn't show. Maybe test again in a week?


Taneia - September 2

Shay- yea dont be bummed because there still could be a chance still this time just wait a few more days and if AF hasnt come yet try testing again it possibly could have been to early to test but if it does come as you say there is always this month to try again :) baby dust to you well heres my update i tried testing this morning and got a BFN so like i planned im going to try testing on monday if she hasnt arrived by then... i havent been cramping as much, my uterus feels full, my b___st are getting more and more sore each day and my back hurts really bad even to bend over. im kind of trying to convience myself im not so that its not all i think about but its getting kind of hard lol


Taneia - September 5

Hey ladies so here is an update its the day after AF was suppose to come and shes still not here...i started crampin on the 3rd but it on and off and mostly when i hold my pee for too long and AF feels like she on her way so i decided not to test yesterday morning im goin to wait and see if she comes or not. i might test on tuesday but i really dont want a BFN :/ well i hope you all have some good news or even just updates


shay05 - September 5

Well AF came Saturday morn. I'm going to stay positive though and move on to trying again this month. Taneia I hope you get your BFP Tuesday! I've decided I'm going to wait to test each month until I'm at least a few days late to avoid future disappointment.



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