Cramping 5 6 Days After Ovulation

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piknik - November 30

Hello Ladies I found this forum and feel comfortable with it. First month trying. I got a smiley face on 21/11/2012 and bbd'd that night, skipped 22/11/2012 and bbd'd 23/11/2012, 24th/11/2012, skipped 25th bdd'd again on Monday 26th. I have been experiencing mild cramping around my lower abdomen and uterus,slight headaches, feel ga__sy and now experiencing mild cramps on my lower back. Yesterday morning I felt dazed, like I was in a dream and in the afternoon I felt a bit sick not too much though. My period is due on the 8th/12/12 and I am getting anxious by day. My husband and I are desperately trying. Any comments out there??


Grandpa Viv - November 30

It sounds promising. Your most likely ovulation day was Nov 24th so your exposure was good. Now you have some beginning signs (which you can psych yourself into). Plan your first test when your period is due. GL!


piknik - December 3

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind response. Will keep you posted!!!!


breeredd - December 3

I am 22 years old, my husband and i are ttc, i have a 2 year old son and he has two girls so we have 3 kids total. I calculate my periods and my ovulation... and my last period was on nov 14th it only lasted two days which is weird, because usually it lasts 5 days. i ovulated on nov 24- nov 28. and we have s_x starting the 22th and had it every day and even two days after. sometimes even twice a day. Now for the past 6 days i have been having lower abdominal cramps/pains, bloating, gas, and lower back pain... does anyone know what this might be caused from? could i be prego? I should start my period on Dec 12th... so i still have 9 days left... am i possibly pregnant? any answers are helpful thank you


Grandpa Viv - December 3

The problem here is that your signs started about ovulation time, making me wonder if this is an ovulation gone wrong, or a beginning pregnancy. The signs you give can be due to the hormone rush from either. You are in the two week wait. Test when late, and GL!


piknik - December 4

Oh my word! I wish I could just push the time and get this over and done with. The waiting is really killing me especially now because I started brown spotting yesterday and I still am. its not really spotting as I can only see it when I wipe. Please Lord hear my prayer!!!!


mamiof3hopingfor4 - January 17

Hello Ladies... I am looking for some feedback on what I am experiencing and also to see if anyone has any tips on what can be done in order to get a BFP!!! I had my last AF on the 12/31 and I believe I ovulated on the 11th if not the 13th but somewhere around there. I am ttc and I dont know if I have been successful this month. I have been tired cramping on and off since I my BF and I were intimate so I am not sure if this means target has been hit... I surely hope so.... lots of baby dust to all of you ttc and lets hope for that BFP :)


jodiehoward1991 - August 15

So iv been using ovulation kits for the last 2 cycles and I am certain I ovulated between Friday and Sunday last week, I had s_x on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beforehand .. This week (7 days after expected O) I have been having cramping in my lower abdomen area and I was wondering if any of you ladies have ever experienced a similar situation and later got a BFP. I'd greatly appreciate any help :)


nbetty - August 15

Hey ya. Well to be honest I have used ovulation kits twice to get pregnant and to be quite honest they arnt as accurate as they make them out to be. My first pregnancy wasn't happening because of the ovulation kits as soon as I stopped using them, by having frequent s_x between cycle day 8 and 20 I fell pregnant straight away whereas with ovulation kits 6 months and wasn't getting anywhere with them! They were coming up positive so I was obviously ovulating my period were irregular at the time but so inaccurate! I then realise according to my scan date when I was supposedly 12 weeks pregnant I was in fact 13 weeks meaning I ovulated literally 1 day after my period stopping rather than middle of the month however the ovulation tests were coming up positive 4-5 days after this day.... It was only when I stopped and started the frequent s_x method that I fell pregnant.... Second pregnancy ... Clearblue digital ovulation kits the newest version thought i would try them again since my periods are much regular now (2 years after giving birth to my daughter) Anyway on 15th day of my cycle the ovulation kit came up positive as peak fertility day... We had previously had s_x on 8th day of cycle, 9th day, 11th day, 13th day and 15th day... Anyway fell pregnant that month so it only took me 1 month to fall this time... However during an early scan which I thought I should have been 7 weeks 2 days, I was infact 7 weeks 6 days, meaning I ovulated 11th day of my cycle, so again ovulation kits who claim they are 99% accurate have got it wrong!! So instead of worrying with ovulation kits just do the frequent s_x method but enjoy it instead of stressing over it x I found out a week after I ovulated I was pregnant my symptoms were: Tingly sensitive b___sts and nipples veins on them aswell. A little abdomen cramp not much Frequent bowel movement (loose) Feeling usually tired. I took first response pregnancy test which can tell you 5 days before your missed period If you are pregnant or not.... Mine was a faint positive. A week later, bolder positive on the first response pregnancy test. 5-6 weeks feeling nauseous and extremely tired, cramps, sore nipples x I am now 11 weeks pregnant my nausea has disappeared but still having sore nipples and tiredness. Scan next week can't wait x sending you all baby dust xx


jodiehoward1991 - August 15

I'm pretty certain I did ovulate last week because I felt a few "twitches" on my right side which some women claim that's when the egg is released. I'm not sure how accurate that statement is and I have also started getting mild cramping over the last two days or so. Only way to know is to test next week when af is due.. I also have tender b___sts, Only slightly but then it's only been 6 days since O. Thank you nbetty for your comment, Congratulations on your pregnancy :)


Blur_KA - August 29

Hi All Ladies, I had an miscarriage 2 yrs ago and have been trying to get pregnant again. But not successful. My ovulation is on 22/08/2014. But for the past 2 days, i kept feeling very tired, bloated and gastric juice keep coming up. And feel hungry easily. Is this symptoms of pregnancy? My menses should be coming on 5/09/2014. Can someone advise me? Really scare of getting disappointed again.


nbetty - August 29

Blur KA I would recommend waiting until 1st September and try taking a First Response pregnancy test they are accurate and can give you an indication up to 5 days before your missed period. Remember it takes 6-12 days from fertilisation to implantation to occur by this time you may see a faint positive up to 5 days before a missed period... As of today it has been 7 days since suspected ovulation so my advice is to allow a few more days then take a first response pregnancy test.... I was sure I ovulated on the 15th day of my cycle because I felt twinges and cramps in my right side where my ovary sits ... And even the ovulation test said that was my peak fertility day but when I went for my 12 week scan instead of being 11 weeks and 5 days which would have been if I ovulated on the 15th day ... My baby measured 12 weeks and 5 days... This happened in my first pregnancy when I was supposed to be 12 weeks and 4 days at the 12 week scan and my daughter measured 13 weeks and 4 days... This has confirmed something for me ... The midwife told me that a scan is very accurate in calculating the time of conception by measurements of the baby... Turns out I ovulate extremely early in my cycle 1-2 days after my periods finish which not many people do! Funnily enough that's when me and my husband started trying on both occasions was successful so remember our body's do tell us signs but can play tricks on us... Ovulation tests including clearblue digital ones are not that accurate and my method to get pregnant worked both times for me... Frequent s_x between cycle days 8 and 20 because not all women ovulate at the same time we are all different xxx sending you all baby dust!! Xxxx


Blur_KA - August 29

nBetty Thanks for the info given. Will try on the 1/9/14. Crossing my fingers. :)


Prathi - September 1

Hello everyone this is my first pregnancy forum. I am ttc and have a 33 days cycle but last 2 months have been very wierd for me. I had my last period for 2 days on 9th July and on 11th August (a day before i was expecting my periods i had spotting just 2-3 drops of blood mixed cervical fluid) me and my husband thought its implantation bleeding but got BFN for consecutively next 10 days. Strangely though i used to check both HPT test and OPK for those 10 days and got 2 lines in OPK on 18th, 19th and 20th of August. We were not sure when to hae sex as we were still confused as i read on many forums that those who are pregnant gets postive OPK first then Postive HPT but we did have sex on 18th and 19th. on 21st the line on OP vanished and since then no lines on OPK very faint one only. THroughtout this time my HPT is negative. Now since last 7 days that is from 26th including today (1st Sep 2015 ) i have been experiencing mild cramps, cervical fluid is mostly dry but for last 2 days i feel slightly wet but nothig upon checking. I am not expecting my periods for next 14 days and all this seems so strange to me. I have breast tenderness that started immediately from 21st Aug. I hope i get pregnant as we are trying for quite some time. Can someone advice or let me know if anyone had such exp and was pregnant. Will keep you updated if concieved. I wanted to share my exp as i know its wierd.


Prathi - September 2

Today is 8th day since i am cramping and 12th day past ovulation and i think i saw slight blood in CM but nothing more. At this point i am feeling tired and sleepy. I am afraid to test and dreading that this will change to periods even though i pesonally feel i am not expecting periods for next 12 to13 days since i have 33 days cycle i am not sure what to think of anymore given the history of my past 2 months periods.


Prathi - September 2

Hi everyone so my bleeding started very light as of now but i think it will get heavy as it goes. I am so confused with all this. Tomorrow if its heavier i know for sure its my periods. I have slight cramping and sore breast. Today is officially 12 DPO and CD 23rd. My last official periods was on 9th of July and had spotting on 11 of august (which i am considering as my period day for the month of August even though it has hardly 2-3 drops) now this bleeding at CD 23 it does not make any sense.



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