Cramping 7 Dpo

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T - October 12

Has anyone had this and then had a bfp? It's in my lower ab area.


me - October 13

yes i had it 6dpo heavy af cramps no bleeding but i am 9dpo and as soon as the cramps came they went they lasted 15 mins and then no more


T - October 13

But you haven't taken a test right?


me - October 13

no not yet im testing tomorrow but i thought id let u know


Robyn - October 13

Hi T, i just found out that I'm pg last week. A week after I O'd, I had cramps - and i knew that was weird b/c I never had cramps 2 weeks before my next AF. So, they lasted on and off for a day or two and then the week before AF I had cramps everday - and I thought AF was coming b/c they felt exactly the same as AF cramps. I took a HPT on the day I missed AF and it was neg. So I waited a week and took another one - big fat Positive! So, try to think if these cramps are normal for you or not - see how the pattern fits into your usual cycle. Good luck - I hope you get a BFP soon!


Toni - October 13

Thanks Robyn! And congrats! Me-let me know what happens.


Heather - October 13

I started having cramps 6-7dpo. and today is 12-13dpo and im still having them. Im also bloated and having some back and head ace's. Im sure hoping AF dont come, and its due this weekend! -*-*-*-BaBy DuSt-*-*-*- to you all... and i hope we all get BFP this month!!!!!!


Toni - October 14

Heather let us know.


me - October 14

tested today and got a bfn im 10dpo


krish - October 14

even i am had cramps on 6 dpo but now very soft cramps...i am 9 dpo...waiting is so long.......


Heather - October 14

Toni: Im testing tomorrow... i will let you know what happens! Wish me luck!!


me - October 14

yeah will test again tomorrow im adament im pregnant its just getting it to show up


Toni - October 15

Good luck to all. I am going to wait until 14 dpo which is Wed. Waiting is very hard.


me - October 15

weell bfn this morning at 11dpo all i have is sore b___sts little indegestion,sore nipples and my pms chocolate craving


Toni - October 15

Could go either way. Baby dust!



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