Cramping Frustration Pregnant

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mjs264 - March 14

hi ladies. please i need ur help. i've been cramping for the last 2wks and it's not even what i feel when i have AF. it feels more like ovulation pains because it starts at the middle of my lower abdomen and radiates towards both sides of my hips, my lower back too is killing me! last night i had to get up several times to go and pee and it just made the pain worse having to get up, get in, get up, get in.... since getting off my 1 and ONLY depo shot last month, i'm wondering if i could've gotten pregnant. i've been very exhausted the past week. I've also been on Xenadrine to help lose the weight from Depo. it's supposed to help boost my energy, but lately it's been very low. I've started taking naps at midday, it's weird... Help anyone? I don't even know when i had a period thanks to the all the spotting off and on...geez i'm going nuts!


nicksmmy - March 14

your symptoms could be from a variety of thimgs, change in hormones. the new diet med. It also sounds like a UTI or Kidney infection, I would see your doctor to rule out everything. It is also possible you are pregnant. good luck


HeavenisMine - March 14

Pregnancy is a possibility if you've had frequent s_x, especially before and after ovulation,. then again it could be the Xenadrine, though I wouldn't expect that to tire you out right? Hang in there and let us know what you find out, monitor yourself, especially around the time your period is due.


mjs264 - March 15

Hi there..well in response to your words: It's highly unlikely to be UTI or kidney infection because I don't have trouble/painful urination. I started taking the Xenadrine about 4 days after the cramping started thinking it would go away. I would only suspect the Xenadrine to be the cause of frequent urination. I have been on it before for about a year and never ever experienced something like this, except for peeing a lot. I still have to go out and get a HPT though. I'll keep u updated. I've cut down on the Xenadrine by the way, just in case i might be...I'm so lost on when to expect another period, or one at all since i'm still fresh off the shot...Any other advice would be great. Thanks a lot ladies!


mjs264 - March 15

i'm sorry, i forgot to add that i've been definitely bding frequently if that helps..with the last 2 pregnancies, i had no trouble getting pregnant on the first try. hopefully i don't jinx myself!



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