Cramping A Week Prior To Af Possible Pg Sign

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startingtowonder - December 22

Anyone have cramps about a week earlier than your period should be showing up and turned out to be pg? do cramps during pregnancy feel similar to af cramps? thanks!


MAC_33 - December 22

I did not have cramps when I was pg with my ds more than 10 years ago...but when I first came off of bc in July to ttc #2 I had AF cramps from ovulation until AF (2 full weeks) for the first 3 cycles....I am now 18dpo or 14dpo and have been having af cramps in the mornings for the past few days but testing bfn. Since most of us on this board are still ttc, you may want to ask this question over on the 1st or 2nd trimester boards as some of those ladies may have had experience with cramping and pregnancy. Good Luck!


JND - December 23

Startingtowonder, cramping was my first sign. It felt like af was going to come pouring all over the floor, but she didn't :-) I now have a 16mth beautiful baby boy. Good luck!


jadacutepie - December 23

Hi wonder! I'm having the same thing. I'm 10 dpo and have been having slight cramping and lower backache off and on for 3 days. I never ever get cramping until af arrives. When I got pregnant the last time which was 7 yrs ago, I had the exact same thing going on and now my daughter is 6. Stay hopeful!


startingtowonder - December 23

thank you for responding - and thanks for your input! I guess I'm just also curious, did these cramps that you ladies speak of....did they feel very similar to period cramps? or were they different? because the ones i've been having consistently feel like period cramps but with an occasional sharp pulling feeling on one side or the other really low in my abdomen. so strange. my period is due tomorrow - but i've been cramping for about a week straight now. they come and go throughout the day, but are usually worse at night.


cdpace88 - December 26

ooo sounds like you might be! I hope you stop in and let us know cause i am 7dpo and just starting to get those same cramps! :) so startingtowonder, are you pregnant?


bbdreams - December 26

Well I hope it's a good sign - I've had af type cramping the past 3 days and I'm not due till Dec 30/31. I don't recall ever getting cramps early before, I only ever get them the first day of my heavy flow. Sometimes they are mild to moderate and on rare occasions they are bad - but always when I HAVE my period. So I have my fingers crossed that this is a great sign for a BFP! :) Baby dust to all - keep us updated!


bbdreams - December 26

Oh cd - in a different thread starttowonder says she is in fact pregnant! It's her other thread that she started - go check it out ;)



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