Cramping Before Af Due Which Hpt Is Best For Your Buck

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Peach - March 25

Hello everyone. I am 25 and married, and my husband and I are ttc. In Dec I was 5 days overdue for AF, but then I had no symptoms and I had flown the Paris the day af was due, so we thought that jet lag could have delayed. Normally I am always regular with a 30 day cycle. AF should be due tomorrow, but I've been having pregnancy symptoms since 2 weeks ago. Mostly non painful but very noticeable cramping in my lower pelvic region, it would last hours, and were really noticeable while laying down, sometimes unbereably annoying like a leg cramp or growing pain. I actually thought that was more like my kidneys being pests for some oddball reason until I realized the cramping was much lower XD. I've also been really lethargic and sleepy, and have nearly fainted on a few occasions (vision went nearly complete black out a few times without failling). I've had heartburn off and on, and my cm has been well.. more prevalent and requires me to wear a liner. However my bbs aren't sore, which is odd because I almost always get sore bbs before af. When I told my husband that I was feeling crampy, tired, and dizzy, he requested me to take an ept, and I did, but it was BPN. So I waited a week. and 4 days ago I took another ept and I thought I saw a faint line and so I decided to wait a few days and try again. Two days ago I bought First Response Rapid Result (which I bought on accident as I meant to buy Early Result not Rapid Result), and it came out negative. I tried to google FR's rapid result hcg minimum but couldn't find any info on it other than sales ads. I want to try again with another hpt, and since AF is scheduled to be due well.. right now actually, and its not here yet, which test do you recommend to test this early thats reliable? I really want it to be the month, but I don't want to get my hopes up. The really funny thing is that, I never get cramps until at least 2-3 days before af, and I had cramps so early, Plus, now that its time for AF to be due, all my normal af/pms signs are kind of on vacation. I still feel crampy but not in that grossly af kind of way. Anyone else feel this way? I honestly can't tell one way or the other, and have yet to have an hpt to give me an answer. Sorry if this is tl;dr.


BeckyBunny - March 25

FRER(first response early result) is ABSOLUTELY the best on the market, and it doesn't cost any more than EPT. the company states that the FRER detects at 25miu or whatever that measurement is, but laboratory tests and anecdotal evidence shows that it CAN detect at as little as 7.5. The dollar store tests can detect at 25(so they say)...but you get a really faint line, where with the FRER with 25 you get a fairly dark line. The best deal is if you buy the multi-packs. The last time I bought them, I bought at walgreens and it was a package of two for $20, but the company was running one of those "3 for the price of 2!" specials, so it was actually a package of 3. Keep in mind also that tests, even if they are from the same manufacturer, in the same PACKAGE, can have slightly different sensitivity - so if you get a faint positive and then a negative, don't freak out!!! Just wait a day or 2 and try again. Plus when you buy a package, there's always a coupon inside in case you need to buy more. LOL! From my own personal experience, I used a dollar store test at 18DPO and got a faint line, I had to ask DF if he saw it too - and the next day with the FRER I got a DARK line the same color as the control line. EPT is alright, and I hear the clear blue digital is pretty good - but you probably don't want to spend the money on digital until you're really sure. Tests NOT to use - pretty much any store brand. Walgreens brand is better than CVS and Eckerds, and I think the CVS brand is the same as the Kmart brand - Equate (the walmart kind) is the worst, as (like most store brands) it doesn't detect until 100miu, AND it has a history of false positives - to the extent where people have had their husbands / boyfriends pee on it and it turns positive anyway. Good luck!!! I was really crampy for like a week before I was expecting AF as well, the cramps continued off and on for 2-3 weeks into pregnancy, and they still come back now and then (i'm 11w3d now)...other symptoms : fatigue, ga__sy, nipples hurt (not the whole b___bs, just nipples), and I was really emotional - not necessarily irritable like before AF, but very easily upset. (that stays, it only gets worse LOL) The CM thing I had right away with my first pregnancy, but not until 8 or 9 weeks this's supposed to be a pretty good sign. Your temperature is a fairly good indicator as well - during weeks 4 and 5 my temp stayed at around 99.1 during the day(not waking temp), where normally it's around 98.4-98.5



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