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Toni - October 11

I think I might be late but I'm not exactly sure... I feel a small cramping feeling like when you ovulate but there is no period. My br___ts are a bit larger and I've been some what bloated. Could I be pregnant and still get little cramps? Or could my period just be delayed???


Renee - October 11

Toni, Well it could be either or. How late are you? I had cramping also, but it turned out that it was my uterus expanding (as my doctor put it) I am currently 5 weeks pregnant. *** Baby Dust to you ***


Jules - October 11

Well, I've had the same symptoms as you described. My b___sts wre extremely sore and larger. (A whole cup size!) And, I just got a BFP today. It was my first test. I am about four weeks along, I suppose... You just might be pregnant. Take a pg test!


krish - October 12

congrats renee& jules... do u had tummy ache like af is coming.....?


kris - October 12

I am about 2 weeks late and I have taken pregnancy tests but the say negative. I have just recently been feeling really sick and very dizzy when I get up. I also have to go to the bathroom a lot more. do u think that I am pregnant and the test just aren't showing it yet or do u think that my body is changing and I am late but my period is coming soon? please help me


d - October 12

Renee, could you share some of your symptoms with us or how soon you got a bfp?


For Kris...From KIM - October 12

I am in the same situation as you for the most part. I am not 2 weeks late but only a few days. I have the cramping. My b___sts are sore, a few days ago i was really dizzy and i see to have to go pee a whole lot more. However, i have taken two preg. tests and both say negative. When i was originally pregnant before i M/C 6 months ago, i tested 3 days before my period was due and it was positive. I will probably wait another week before i call the doctor if i dont get it. I do know a few people who were pregnant, tested got negative reading and this went on for 3 weeks. So it is not unheard of. But i do feel like i am getting my period... however, I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us. If you want to email feel free to do so at [email protected]


Joy - October 12

hey when i was pregnant i thought i was going to have a period b/c i was cramping but i didnt get my period


HotRodGurl - October 16

Hey, I'm going through the samething...My b___sts aren't sore but every once and while I get a sharp pain here and there but my nipples are so tender adn sore to touch anything and they are always hard. Usually they are soft all the time. I am counting today 2 days past my period. I took a test a day before I was due but it was neg. I was thinking of testing again in the morning since I'm past it. It seems like after I eat I get this mild queasy feeling and I haven't been sleeping well at nights but I'm extremely tired and moody. I've gotten some cramping around my pelvic areas and I've been ga__sy too lately. I haven't noticed peeing alot yet. I wonder what my odds are..???...


krish - October 16

hi KIM .. ho'w r u? my periods(NOT) will be around 20 now i have less cramping but sore b___bs.. anyone did preg. test.....



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