Cramping Dizziness Etc

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jessicapalmer - July 12

Okay, my husband and I started ttc on June 25, and have had s_x daily or every other day since then. My last period was from June 21-25, and I have a 28-day cycle. I'm not sure what day I ovulated, but I've had these symptoms since July 4: -cramping, on right side first, then both -dizziness when sitting down -tired all the time -hungry all the time -been waking up nauseated, also nauseous other times They've all been kind of getting more pronounced each day. During my normal cycle, I only get cramps the day before I get my period, no other symptoms of pms or ovulation pain ever. Could this mean that I'm pregnant already? I know I should wait until I'm at least a day late for the most accurate HPT results, which is supposed to be July 20. Thanks in advance!


j. - July 12

July 4 sounds like u may have o'ed that day since u have a 28 day cycle. today makes u 7dpo. i've heard of women having zero symptoms to having every symptom in the book at this stage. good luck to you and keep us posted.. =)


sarahd - July 12

I get symptoms with O - b___st tenderness, cramping, fatigue. I hope they keep up and you miss your af! I'm b/w 5-7 dpo right now...


jessieb - July 12

i have been having the same dizziness when i sit down. i am 2-4 DPO. i thought is was boat sickness, we went out on our boat this weekend. it is not going away though; leading me to believe otherwise. i have been pregnant twice (miscarried both). the last time i was pregnant i noticed the increased appet_te right away. well, today and yesterday, i am starving at my desk by 10 am. not usual at all. i think we are feeling some of the same things! crazy! i am nausiated too. right now in fact. i know it seems very early to feel anything but something is up with me. i am having hot flashes, my gums are bleeding when i brush; another thing that happened when i was pregnant. good luck to us!!


pm1307 - July 12

i have some questions. i am 13 DPO , and i've been feeling nauseous, dizzy, headaches, and pulling/twinges in stomach. for anyone that has been PG, DO these symptoms start this soon, i also get thee pains here and there in my b___bs. oh and when did you start seeing changes to your b___st. my aerooles look darker and i have these little white bumps showing more. thanks input is appreciated.



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