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eliah99 - July 13

Ok ladies. Yesterday I had the fluttering thing going on between belly button and pubic area. Then in the early evening, I started feeling a weird cramping/pulling (although not PAINFUL, just uncomfortable) on my lower left ovary area. Now its the same thing on my right mostly and still a little on my left. I have never been pregnant so I have no idea if this is something that pregnant women experience or not. I do know that I am finding out just how hard it is to explain what you are feeling in a way that makes sense. LOL Anybody had this?


eliah99 - July 13

No one out there to help me???


sarahd - July 13

sorry sweetie I've never been pregnant, so I don't know for sure! All I know is that I've read that minor cramping is common in early it definitely doesn't rule you out! Good luck!


j. - July 13

have u tested? r u in fact pg?


eliah99 - July 13

No I have not. My af should be here within a day or two. I have had so many symptoms..but you know how that is. I just was wondering if anyone else this particular one. Curious, thats all. It's just so strange compared to normal cramps.


catsmeow - July 13

I've been having the same sort of feeling. I'm currently 8dpo, so I have some waiting to do. But I've been having cramps in my ovaries, 1 at a time, and it feels like pulling as well. Not like AF cramps. Actually I don't normally get AF cramps until about 2 days prior to getting her. I O'd on July 3rd, and since then my nipples have been extremely sensitive, which is also odd this early. Let me know your outcome, if AF shows or not! Good luck!


catsmeow - July 13

Sorry, I meant to type; I O'd on July 5th.


gina143 - July 13

So can you O before your period?


eliah99 - July 13

I will keep you posted catsmeow. Do the same for me. I will probably test in the next few days. I'm trying to be patient. I have been disappointed so many times. But these are things I've never experienced.


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 13

sometimes u will feel far along are accompianied with bleeding??


eliah99 - July 13

AF is due anytime so not overdue for that yet. I had a little pinkish spotting about 9 to 10 dpo. I am having no bleeding right now and haven't since. Just the pulling and very slight cramping . It goes around almost to my back. I keep thinking af is coming but nothing.


ksee - July 13

Hi, I too have had the pain in my tummy this week. It was like cramping but different. Felt like constipation pains I guess you could say along with nausea feeling as though I were hungry. You know when you get hungry and your stomach starts to hurt, well it felt like that. I am suppose to start July 23 and last months cycle was jacked up bad. I usually go for 5 days and last month it was one day and the rest were not even worth worrying about. So my hopes are up too and I don't want to test until the 23 to see if I start, so I try not to think about it.


mc54 - July 13

hey I am having the same feeling two weeks ago my boyfriend and I had s_x he wore a condom and the next morning I got my period a week early It only lasted for 3 days and since this past saturday I have all the feeling of pms again...cramping and a slight pulling feeling headaches, I have also gained 20lbs in the last 2 months and my diet and excerise has not changed? I took a home preg test yesturday it was negative? Could I be pregnant?


eliah99 - July 13 just can't be easy, can it. LOL I don't know but it sounds to me like its possible for all of us. But who knows? Surely not me. ;)


catsmeow - July 13

Typically everyone O's before their period. If the egg is fertilized, your prego, If not, then you get your period. Lots of people get there periods but don't O, and are considered annovulatory. This is my 1st cycle off of BCP's, and I'm on CD108 right now. I've been charting, so when FF determined that I O'd, I looked back, and our "timing" was pretty good. so I'm actually expecting AF on the 20th, according the FF, but it could be sooner. I'm going to test on sunday, saturday if my curiousity gets to me. eliah99--I know what you mean, I don't wanna get my hopes up either, its so disappointing when you get the (-). I've had back pains as well, and mild headaches. I know it's weird, but 3dpo, I took my prenatal pill, and seriously thought I was going to vomit, which has never happened to me before. So I'm really hoping this is a BFP. My cramps also feel more central now, but every once in a while, i feel it in either ovary, like it's being pinched and pulled. I'll keep you updated on how things turn out! Babydust to you!


catsmeow - July 14



eliah99 - July 17

Hey all. Just an update....I tested Friday (evening) and go a bfn! I still haven't started yet...but symptoms starting to fade. Pretty sure its not my time again...but still waiting on AF.



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