Cramping Few Days After Possible Conception

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mummyofone - January 23

I am on day 18 in my cycle (2-3DPO) and I have cramping on and off and fatigue...How was it for you after you have concieved?? Did you have any SIGNS that early???My BBT is low (98.24) so I don't know whether it is a good or bad sign?


frozenfeet - January 23

my post o temps were much lower than that, they actually didn't rise into the 98 degree range until about 9 dpo. I had cramping very early on, at about 2-3 dpo as well but I don't think it was related to becoming pregnant as I didn't begin to implant until about 8 dpo/9dpo ( had an implantation dip in temps). After that dip, my temp sky rocketed into the 98's. You can see my chart at You can all of temps and symtoms as well there. Good luck!


mummyofone - January 23

Thank you!!!!!! :)


frozenfeet - January 23

do you have a ff chart?


mummyofone - January 23

No,I don't have one to be honest I was thinking about doing one but now I will stop taking my temp, it makes me worried. :)


frozenfeet - January 23

no doubt that charting and taking your temp can be stressful when ttc but had I not been doing it, I might have missed my eggie this month. You see, I o'ed 3 days earlier this month for some reason, but I wouldn't have known unless I was temping. I saw my temp was slightly droping so I took an opk and boom...I was oing early!!! Also, I wouldn't have had seen an implantation dip and a secondary rise (triphasic pattern). Your temps can tell you so much about your for me, I'd rather know what's going to happen rather then the waiting or guess game.


KitCat - January 23

mummyofone.....I had similar cramping as you, but mine was more around 7 or 8dpo and I was wondering also if it could have been implantation. I was also nauseated for those two days. I don't usually get af cramping that bad and it seemed to be worse than af. I have charted in the past but haven't this month because my sleep was so messed up in prior months that I didn't think it would do any good. I guess we'll know in a few days if it was implantation or just bad gas, LOL. Good luck to you. :)


Whisper - January 23

I didn't start cramping till ~9-10 dpo. The fatigue came on about the same time. Before that only thing I noticed was a bit of b___st tenderness, but I always have that after ovulation and leading up to AF so I didn't think much of it till it worsened around the same time as the other symptoms kicked in. The cramps that I get are less than AF cramps, just enough to be noticeable really, so a bit of a bother but not so much of a pain. Everything feels similar to PMS, just a bit different. Some things more intense, and others not so much.


jvall2030 - January 23

Mummyofone- I am in the same boat as you. I ovulated on the 18 or 19th and I have had very light cramps since then. While I was lying down last night, I had a sudden pinch, pulling feeling on my lower right side that made me jump up. My temps before O were around 97.4, 97.6, 97.8 and on the 18th it rised to 98.5 and on the 19th it spiked to 99.1! I have also felt light headed and feel bloated already.


mummyofone - January 24

Hello jvall2030 . Thanks for sharing your concerns. Yes today I am on day 19 in my cycle Iand I ovulated on day 16 so like 3days ago. All I have now is a LOT of CM that is lotion like and odorless,so I know that it is normal I mean healthy and not an infection or anything .I am so hungry already,I know that we want it so much that we can imagine anything !! Let me know how it goes, only 7 days to go until testing....How are you feeling?


jvall2030 - January 24

My temps are still above 98.5 and I am still feeling light headed. I really haven't noticed much more cm but my bb are a little sore. I usually get sore BBs before AF.... so it's just going to be a long week from here. I am due 2-5-07


jvall2030 - January 24

Mummyofone, when was your LMP? Mine was 1-5-07 and usually have a 29 or 30 day cycle. So today (Wednesday) I am on my 20th cyle day.


mummyofone - January 25

Mine LMP was 6-1-07 so you are one day ahead of me. I ovulated on the 22nd. I have so much CM it is amazing,and cramping on and off but for longer periods....Keep my updated...:)


jvall2030 - January 25

Actually today is my 20th cycle day and I have had mild cramps ALL day but only on the right side of my pelvic area? I was extremly tired at 3:00 today and I almost couldn't hold how sleepy I was. My nipples are starting to feel sore too. I haven't had much discharge, only a little when I wipe. I am still feeling bloated, crampy. Now I a tired, emotional and hungry. Actually I noticed that today cycle day 20, 6 dpo.


jvall2030 - January 25

Would it be too early to test at 7 dpo?? I feel like I will be addicted to testing too early! HAHA. On friday, 1-25-07, I am 7 DPO.


mummyofone - January 26

Jvall...I would personally wait until 10DPO. You will be very upset if it turns false negative! Let me know how you are. My b___st are NOT sore at all! Only cramping and that is all!!!


TTC#[email protected] - January 26

Hi everyone.. gosh i love this thread.. all hopeful & i need that today.. I am symptom happy!! what does this cramp mean or this ache.. so I am 9dpo also & been getting crampy right after O til AF for the last 4 months or so.. so right now I should be having cramps because I've had them for the last 8 days now today I have no cramps no b___st tenderness which i always get too but I'm alittle moody so who knows. SO i read that implantation should be around now? I don't temp because I do become obsessed with it, but i might start tomorrow.



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