Cramping In My Left Side

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JC - November 1

I ovulated on Oct. 26th, and I'm not feeling any symptoms as of yet accept sharp pains in my left side. Is this a sign of the egg traveling down the fallopian tubes, or am I just crazy? I’m just a little anxious because I started taking clomid this month, and finally ovulated.


Nikki - November 1

I got those feelings a lot and my nurse at school said that it could have been ovulating, but other things can cause that problem, but in honesty, I really think that is what it is. My mother gets those sharp pains in her left side when she's pa__sing eggs, before or after her period, and I get the same thing. Hope that helped some!


kristina - November 1

me too ! i was concerned actually thinking that maybe it should be alternating sides, but i'm ovulating so i guess it's a good sign. it happens exactly the day before i ovulate and then goes away the day after. sure hope it's only from ovulating, but you're not alone :-)


angel - November 1

hi i get that to i ovulate and i feel sore on one or both sides for a day or 2... its normal but if it gets server go see ur dr just in case... good lck!


JC - November 2

Thank you for your feedback. However, I think I posed my question wrong. I ovulated on the 28th, but I am still having shooting pains in my left side could that be sign of prengancy?


Jen - November 3

Hi JC, I felt a mild dull stabbing sensation in my left hand side around 4/5 dpo, i am now 8 weeks pregnant!! I agree it can be a sign of ovulation but if like me your sure of your ovulation date it sounds promising, i was temping so i knew i had ovulated, i spoke to my midwife and it can be a sign of the egg implanting, good luck!


JC - November 3

Thanks!! Hopefully, I'll know soon.


FYI - November 3

sometimes pains in your left side could be caused by gas or constipation. The pains are different though. I actually experience both for Ovulating and Constipation and it is different.



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