Cramping Like Crazy Preggo

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Elh83 - February 19

Hi all i havnet posted in a while since me and dh took a break from ttc. My cycle is 42 days, last AF was jan 3rd lasted the usually 9days. AF was due feb 14th. No spotting or anything. I have always had long periods (i know it sucks). Up till this month my periods have been right on time. Since this past sat i have been cramping like crazy. I never cramp like this. The cramping is as if i did like 200 sit ups with out stopping. I tend to cramp more on my left side. Ive also been nauseous, sore back and extremely sleepy. I took a dollar tree test on sunday not with FMU and it was neg. I think i may have tested to early. If no period by this sat then ill test again. Anyones input or experiances would be nice. thanks in adavance


mommycorso - February 19

hello. my hub and i too are ttc. My period is due friday 23 of Feb and ive also been having some very bad cramping like im about to get my period, but nothing. I'm having really uncomfortable lower back pain! and also extremely sleepy! If i am pregnant this will be my second and feels very much like it did with my first! so maybe you are pregnant! You may just have tested too early. test again. sending my babydust your way!! good luck to you! hope this helps alittle with my experiance.


georgiad - February 19

I'm in the same boat!! Whenever af is on its way (day before) I have weird cramping and just the feel that is on its way yet..I'm not due for my af for 8 more days! I'm not tired during the day..but at not I'm falling asleep 2 hours before my normal time. We'll see! Let me know about your tests ladies!!!! I'll be taking mine on Thursday! Goodluck!


DaBonkElsMe - February 19

Elh83 - are youpast due for AF? It seems like yousaid AF was due on the 14th, that would mean today (Monday) you are 5 days late - a home pregnancy test would most likely show up by now if you are indeed pregnant. I am just noticing you said, "... if no AF by Sat..." - Is this post old? Did you already retest?


Elh83 - February 19

DaBonkElsMe--my was due feb 14th of this year so that makes me 5 days late. I still havent retested im waiting till sat 24th to see if my AF shows up.-- I usually cramp 2 weeks b4 af is due (which is around my ovulation time). I havent been able to eat much since im so nauseous. If it was a stomach bug all of my household would have it. I was pregnant about 2 yrs ago but saddly ended in a m/c, i was 8 weeks along. This feels nothing like my first pregnancy. If i am indeed pregnant this would be my first child. Thanks for all you gals input and concerns.


Elh83 - February 20

well still no sign of AF. last night i slept from 8pm till 9am today (so unlike me). I got sent home from work for vomiting. Im still cramping off and on, with tons of nausea. Hopefully Af doesnt show!



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