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Wendy.. - December 12

Hi all.. i have been bloated and gassy since ovulation which was on the 29th.. have had cramps since then also.. due for AF yesterday and nothing as yet but still have cramps.. and you have AF like cramps and still be pregnant?


Traci - December 12

I too ovulated on the 29th! I have also had a lot of cramping. On Dec. 4-5 as well as yesterday and today. It has actually stopped as of about an hour ago. I am due for my period today! I am hoping that it does not come today, tomorrow or at all and that I am blessed with a Christmas pregnancy! I hope you are too, then we will be able to chat! I think if you are late and normally are on 28 day cycles you could very well be pg!!! Good luck!!!!!! Keep in touch!!!!!!!!!


Wendy - December 12

I am the same alot of cramping the whole way through... stopped yesterday, however back today and due for AF today but still nothing THANK GOD... I hope for the best... however really feels like AF cramps..


Wendy - December 12

YES! I actually have the cramps back again. A little lighter this time but still lingering! But I feel like AF could come at any moment! I hope not for either one of us! Today is day 28 for me so let's keep our fingers crossed! Keep in touch!...feels just like AF cramps...and slight b___st soreness but everyone says your b___bs will hurt really bad! You????


Wendy - December 12

I know... have the feeling AF will arrive at any time now... slight b___st tenderness but a friend of mine is 7 wks and still hasnt got sore b___bs so you just never know do you.. GOOD LUCK and let me know how you go..


Wendy - December 12

You too! Keep in touch! Good luck! No sore b___bs for you either? When is AF due for you? I will check back tomorrow afternoon! (heading to bed...another day of work tomorrow)! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy - December 13

Was due yesterday.... cramps gone now.. but no doubt AF will be along this afternoon.... i am in Australia so will check with you tomorrow....


Traci - December 13

Wendy, I took a test about 20 minutes ago and it is positive!!!!!!!! But I don't want to get too excited until I do a blood test and am farther along! What's up with you??


mishelle - December 13

In the same boat, cramps and funny feeling in my stomach like wind. Havent been feeling 100% the last week. My b___bs dont hurt and I have been told that they will really hurt. So really hope it is a good sign not just stress.


Wendy - December 13

Well the cramps were AF got them this morning.. Oh well try again... good luck to you all hope your cramps are DIFFERENT


mishelle - December 16

Still cramping, but did one of those test that you can do 5-7 days before you get your period. I am due Saturday and I did the test on Monday night and Tuesday morning and it was a negative so only have the smallest hope (2%) that I tested to early and I might be. I really dont think I wont be this month. Hate the waiting game. Know how you feel any in there keep smiling.


Sarah - December 16

It's so nice to hear from people going through the same thing I am!!! I have been having mild cramps since I ovulated and also had some light spotting about 5 days after ovulation I other symptoms though. Hoping as well for a christmas positive but I am forever the skeptic. I wish all of you much luck. I'm waiting for AF on the 18 or's hoping


jay - December 16

Just wondering if your cramps are mild or moderate? Mine were really bad yesterday (7 out of 10 on the pain scate) but have lessened to day. I am 11 dpo - hmmmm....will take a hpt on saturday - took an early test today but it was negative.


mishelle - December 16

Mild really not really painful just uncomfortable not really in one stop all the time either, and really bloated but that could because I am due. I am so praying I am it would be the best Christmas present. Good luck


Becky W. - December 16

Just wanted to jump in here...I was due the 14th for af and still not here...ovulated around the 29th and have been having all the same cramps as most of you ladies...Traci congratulations on the positive test! Do u mind telling me if u had any other symptoms besides the cramps? I felt like I had a lot of different symptoms until this week and now they have subsided. Except for the crampiness-it's almost like period cramps...I tested negative tues morning(the day af was due) so now I'm just waiting...I will retest in the morning...good luck to everyone! Keep us posted!


mishelle - December 16

Havent been feeling 100%, tried body kind of feel flu like, you know the legs ache not hungry and one saw b___st which is really weird, sometimes both would tingle mainly at night time and really bloated. Who knows maybe I am talking myself into it as I really would like to be pregnant.


mishelle - December 20

Good news I hope. I did a test last night and this morning and got a postive both times. I have a drs appoinment at lunch time so hoping the news is great. Thank you for your support and answers.



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