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kim - May 5

I do not think I am pregnant but I have never experienced this before. I have very strong cramps they feel like a menstrual cramp but really bad, and I am not bleeding at all. This has been going on for 3 days and no blood. I am not due for my period yet either. What could this be? It doesn't feel like a stomach virus either. No diarhea , no vomiting, or any other kind of sickness.


sam - May 6

I am in the same position and would love to know if anyone has any idea. My period ended a week ago and was short. In the last 3-4 days I've had period-like cramps, like I get in the days leading up to my period. Very strange. Anyone have any ideas?


stacy - May 6

me too! i am wondering the same thing. the last few days i have been having pains in my left side along with my back and im not due for my period yet. i usually bleed for 7 days last month i bleed for 4 before that i bleed for 5. im not understanding whats going on.


hmm... - May 6

Cramps, particularly on one side, like Stacy mentioned could be ovulation pains. I always thought if feels a bit like you're getting your period, only it's the middle of the month. But mine don't go on for days though, maybe yours just do? Is it about that time of the month?


sam - May 6

I guess it could be ovulation pains. I do get them, but not usually as much as this. They are definitely more on one side than the other too. Just seems quite early for ovulation, I'm only on day 10 of my 28 day cycle - but I suppose it's not impossible and the most likely explanation.


Danielle - May 6

I am having the same problem, but I have already ovulated and I'm not supposed to start until the 14th. I would think it was pms cramps but I have never had them this early and this consistently. Also, while I was at lunch I had sharp pains on my right side. I have been abnormally gasy. What do you guys think? My back has been having some pain also, which never happens!!! Oh yeah, and I have a hard time sleeping at night b/c I usually get energy spurts late, but last night my legs got really shaky like after a workout, but I didn't work out and I feel asleep at 10:30, which is two hours earlier than usual!!!!!!


kim - May 6

Thanks for the responses. I guess it could be ovulation, but for 4 days now???I am miserable!! Any other ideas??


dk - May 6

Were any of you on the pill before? The pill really helped my cramps. I used to have them so bad that I would pa__s out. Now that I am off them I tend to get the "middleschmertz" which is ovulation pain and have cramps for the next two weeks until I get af then it all culminates in major cramps when I get af. Last month I was in lots of major pain. It was our first month ttc I also had to pee alot and my pee smelled wierd and I was super ga__sy as well. I was thinking that I must be pregnant but it came to the day for AF and nothing all day, until 2:30am(darn it). I think maybe I just tricked myself into noticing everything more. I was thinking maybe I made everything sore with all the bding but this month we've been bding the last few days and I feel totally normal. I'm thinking o happened yesterday or today. The ga__siness could be if you are trying to eat better, like all your veggies etc... I realized that I had been eating raw broccolli and a few raw almonds as a snack in the afternoon and that seems to be a caustic combination.


Erica - May 6

Kim- When is your af due?



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