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miamia06 - April 4

Hey ladies!! I wanted to know any ladies experience cramps days after ovulation? I have, I done some researching, but I wanted to know if any ladies here experience that before. Or does anyone have advice about that?


Amber #2 - April 4

I get ovulation pain with every cycle. For me it is this ache (can either be dull or pretty intense) in my lower abdomen where my ovary is (and on whatever side I happening to be ovulating from) and sometimes the pain even goes to my back region. It's very similar to period pains, but I get no cramping in the v____al area (which I do with AF). Hope this helps! Only advice I can give is to wait it out b/c it should go away after a day or so, or take some Tylenol! :)


miamia06 - April 5

I ovulated March 27, and about two days after that, I started to get cramps and I still have them. Feels almost like af cramps, and I do have slight cramps in vag area too. Its common for me to have cramps before I ovulate. But days after, I haven't had before. Not really painful, but a bother.


DanielleIsJsMommy - April 5

I am having the same issue, but I'm not late on my AF yet. I have been having cramps for over a week. Not painful, but like something is stretching or pulling, or pushing right on my bladder. I O'd March 22 and so far no AF and no BFP :(


DanielleIsJsMommy - April 5

Oh, and extremely sore BBs with veins all over them. I've also had on and off metallic taste in my mouth. And before last week I haven't had a headache in maybe 6 months. I've had on and off headaches for the last week or so. No m/s but I didn't with my DS (2 yrs. 10 months old). Does this sound PG to anyone else?


miamia06 - April 5

Hey DanielleIsJsMommy! Tonight I just notice some veins that are popping up on the chest area. I haven't miss AF yet, I am due the 10th. It scared me at first, because I have never seen them out like that..Oh well, too early to test! You do have some of the symptoms..Good Luck! baby dust


inflatedheart - April 5

yep. I definitely had ovulation cramps. If you're trying to get pregnant, use an ovulation monitor or test sticks. They work well.


Emma2 - April 5

I normally do not have any cramps following O ...but....but.....but...I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and I did with my last Ovulation!!!!


lissica - April 5

well...i have been having cramps and lower back pain since sunday. AF was supposed to be due around the 9th. But then i went to the doc yesterday and got a pap done and i havn't stopped bleeding since.I called her and she said it's probably my period and the pap just kind of forced it out.:( I was hoping those pains were signs of pg. They havn't gone away yet either so i dunno what's going on.


miamia06 - April 5

lissica, is it light or heavy? Thanxs Emma, I guess I find out on the 10th!


lissica - April 5

hi's heavy,runny and bright red:(


Lin - April 5

That sounds like a period. Sorry to hear about it, lissica! miamia - the month before last I had cramps from ovulation that ran continuously into af cramps, so that my cramping was all the way from a few days before O until af.



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