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Jen - April 27

Are pre-menstrual cramps different from pregnancy cramps? AF is due tomorrow, and I've been having cramping (mostly in the am) since Sunday.


Lenore - April 27

I thought i was having menstrual cramps and I just found out I am pregnant. They are pretty much the same and usually come around the time af is due. Good luck


Jen - April 27

Congrats Lenore! What other prego symptoms did you have in the week leading up to when af was due?


superbadchick - April 27

I've been cramping for three days, and my AF was due yesterday, but nothing yet. I usually only cramp a couple of hours, so I don't know.


Chila - April 27

Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Since this morning I've been experience some tingly, tugging feelings in my lower right. Not too painful.. just slight tingly pains, do you know what I mean? AF isn't predicted til May4th, 1 week from today. I'm at 8dpo(days past ovulation) today.. haven't had many symptoms. My b___sts aren't tender and I pee a lot all the time since I drink a lot of water, so I can't go by that. Just bloated and ga__sy, but it could be from the spicy food I eat. So, I don't know.. all I know is that just a little while ago the tingly feelings are turning to distinct come and go pains like someoone is poking me with some stick. You ever experience this? Could this be pregnancy signs? I normally don't get cramps before AF.


me too - April 27

i was wondering if it is normal to have more cramping in one side than the other


Heather - April 28

Mine were different. When I was pg (before I knew I was pg) my cramps were different than the ones I would get right before my period. They were not as strong as normal. Hard to discribe... Only word that comes to mind is "different."


Julie - April 28

Chila, I am having the same thing. I am on day 18 of my cycle and usually ovulate early. Have had cramps the last 3 days. No b___st tenderness, crankiness like usual. This is also only my 2nd cycle since miscarriage. Wondering if I could be pg again already? Temperature is a bit low today though. Weird.........anyone have thoughts??


Chila - April 28

Julie~How low is low? My temp this morning was 98.4, which went up from yesterady's 98.1. Do you take your temp at the same time every morning and chart it? Here's my chart if you want to see...


Chila - April 28

Sorry.. don't put a dash at the end..


bump - April 29

bump it up



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