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kimmy - July 29

are lower abdominal cramps a pregnancy sign?...feels like gas...but, it's not..?


sharon - July 30

girl..i think it is..caz i was suppose 2 get my period on 25th..but instead on 23rd got spottin for a few hrs.. and lately i keep thinkin im gonnna get my period caz i have crampy..gas-like feelings ... but no gas.. so i think it is a pregnancy sign..keep me updated


shez - July 30

I am very crampy as well - have been for about 3/4 days. Very low down and bloated. I thought it was gas also but feels different. Evenso my belly is huge. Feeling tired as well. Fingers crossed for all of us.


kimmy - July 30 belly feels really weird....feels kinda like constipation..My belly just feels huge and bloated but with no gas at all.I can still suck my belly in though,which scares me cus maybe that means I'm not preggers???


mary - July 30

before i knew i was pregnant, i had cramping for like a week and a half before i took my hpt. i got a positive 3 days before af was due. i was very bloated and ga__sy one day about 5 days before af was due, so bad i couldn't suck it in and if i tried it would hurt really bad. the bloatedness sometimes feel like you need to pa__s wind but sometimes you just don't. thats what i felt before i got a bfp. good luck to everyone and **baby dust**.


mush - July 31

hi everyone, what dose the cramping feel like .


r - July 31

im getting cramping aswell its very light like a dull ache. and 4 days ago i was extremely bloted so much i couldnt walk proporly


MUSH - July 31

thanks r do u know if cramping is normal.


r - July 31

yes plenty of women on here have sed it is, i think i am pregnant but i am waiting for af and a + hpt keep getin bfn. have you been getting like a pain in your side sometimes when you want to go to sleep and it hurts pretty bad sometimes i have and thats normal aswell. i havnt had any sickness and i have no diahorrea which i usually get before af so what the hell is going on?


mush - July 31

hi r, iv just been having small twinges in my sides, and little cramps,sound like u could be preg, go do a test good luck.


r - July 31

i have done 1 i did 1 on friday wen af was due but it was bfn so i am going to test on tuesday to make sure. read my other page that i have just posted about being worried it tells more


Lauren - July 31

Ladies - I too have been having cramps for about 5 days now. I started to spot on friday & now everytime I wipe I have brown there but nothing more. Af is likely due anyday.I took a test negative> not sure what to think. I am so bloated & my b___st feel different?


Chas - July 31

Same boat Lauren, just waiting for af any day. Hope it stays away....... me too... took a test last night (neg) hoping it was just too early ! hang in there :)


Lauren - August 1

Chas - what day are you on? I had nothing all day again so frustrating I just wish it would start so I can get on with it.



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