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Christa - October 10

I have been having cramp like feelings. But they are not ones like before I menstrate they are more of a sideache and usually either on the left or right side. What do cramps feel like when you might be pg? O yes and also this sight has been soo helpful but the lingo is like a foreign language to me.. could someone please tell me the important abbriviations I should know?? thank you!!


faith - October 10

pregnancy cramps feel like period cramps except not as intense..well not for me they weren't.and some abbreviations are bfp=big fat positive,bfn=big fat negative,af=aunt flow(period),dpo=days post ovulation,bd=baby dancing,opk=ovulation predictor kit.and that's all i can think of right now hope i helped.


to faith - October 10

i am 6dpo and having signs sore bbs fatigue and slight cramps some r more to 1 side but its mostly in the middle along with a sensitive cervix it hurts when me and db bd


To Faith - October 10

Thank you sooo much!!! Yes it helped me now everything makes sence!! Thank you!!


Mike - October 11

My wife is having what feel to her like menstrual cramps. If she is in fact pregnant, she would be almost 7 weeks. She's had every symptom just about. Her cervix is BIG and soft, like the tip of your nose. Usually a week before her period it is tight as a drum. She has sensitive nipples, GAS, nausea, dizziness, etc.. No BFP on a HPT yet. Her body takes a while to build up hcg (human growth hormone). She usually gets a positive blood test before a urine test. She had a couple of brown spots on a tampon lst night. But, we bd'd the night before and it could have been from that. She says the cramps feel like period cramps and she's sure she started her period but then nothing. I just want to make sure that these cramps are normal.


Hafsah - October 11

I must say Mike you know your wife's body and all the abbreviations. You go Boy!!!! Glad to have you, i wish my dh knew my body like that...... (just kidding) (-: I have been experiencing cramps since my Ovulation date. They come and go and fill them more when I lay down. We bd on my most fertile days, i hope this is it.....


Mike - October 11

Yeah, my dw checks with me now when she's supposed to start AF! Go figure. I have two absolutely wonderful step-daughters from my wife's first marriage. But, i'm 38 and she's 35 and I have no children of my own. Not that it is imperative that we have a child together, but she had a TR in Jan 04 to help remvoe some scar tissue and ease the pain of her menstrual cycle and we hope as a benefit of that to become parents of our own little one. So far, a 1-1/2 of ttc has not been fruitful. This cycle is very different. It may be that this is her once a year hormone wackout and AF will show anytime. But, we are praying that babydust is abundant and that this is it!


Stephanie - October 11

Hafsah - I wanted to let you know that i am 7 weeks PG and my first symptom was abdominal cramping which started 2 weeks before AF was couls very well be PG. I sure hope so! Seeing the 2 lines or the plus sign is a really awesome feeling! GOOD LUCK and BABY DUST!!!!!


Colleen - October 11

Mike, you are so clued in!! I think thats great! Good luck to you and your wife, I hope this is it for you both!! (Let us know!)



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