Cramps Are They A Sign

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Jamie - March 19

I woke up to cramps monday morning & had them off & on all wk. My period is suppose to come next wed. & I'm always regular. My breats have been tender since thursday but that could be due to the pms. Early signs of pregnancy aren't really cramps. So am or not? Waiting to see if my period will come seems so hard to do? By the way my boyfriend & I are trying. Help please if you know if cramps are a likely sign. Thanks


lily - March 19

Cramps are a sign of pregnancy. They should be noted as a earyl sign too.


to Jamie - March 20

I am not trying to sound's just so hard over the net..why aren't you guys married if you are "trying"? If I may ask. Just curious.


princess - March 20

Jamie? i dont get ur question? Why arent people married if they want children is that it? Wat difference does a piece of paper make? Its the individual and partners choice????


kat - March 20

yes cramps are a sign,there is alot of stretching to be done during pregnancy so thats what causes for the other comment about jamie not being married,just because you have a piece of paper it doesnt make a relationship last,so being married doesnt come in to it,dont be so narrow minded!


to Jamie - March 20

The "piece of paper" does make a difference as far as legal benefits!!!! Also do you want your child to go through school being teased???Grow's a huge responsibility!!!


to: to jamie - March 20

i have to agree with princess and kat,i know people who married,had kids and divorced,then others that have just had kids and married later and still together,so go figure.......... .and also how do you work out that kids will get teased if there parents arent married,so many kids come from single parent families or live with gay parents,its the 21st century-dont be so judgemental.and jamie only asked for advise and you dont give her any,you just come on here expressing opinions that dont even come into it! and to answer jamies question yes cramping can be a major sign for some people,but also a sign of pms,good luck and i hope af doesnt come for you.


My opinion - March 20

I Think that in most cases (Not necessarily all though) marriage creates a more stable environment for children. I think it would've had a mental and emotional impact to grow up without my parents being married. I just think if a couple is not at a point where they are committed enough to get married (and if it's just a piece of paper, why not just get the piece of paper), then how can they be committed enough to have a child together. Of course I know that this does not apply to everyone. But when I hear my boyfriend and I are trying, I don't see a permanent, stable, supportive lifetime environment for a child. I know not everyone will agree with me, but it's just my opinion, and no one out there is completely right or wrong on this matter, it's just personal opinion and morals. And jamie, cramps can be an early sign of pregnancy because the uterus stretches.


kat - March 20

me and my fiance are ttc,been together for almost 10 years,brought our house almost 6 years ago,and yes one day im sure we will get married,but we are happy as we are so why change it....we are alot more secure that some married couples,we are stable and will provide a secure enviroment for our child.


marriage or not... - March 20

I think that what we need to understand is that there is no right or wrong, and stability does not come with marriage. I happen to be married, so I have no problems with marriage; however, my husbands parents have both been married 4 times. ...not too stable. On the other hand, a good friend of mine has been with her "boyfriend" for 15 years, and they are raising ther 2 year old little girl.... very well adjusted too. Society is beyond "marriage" being the only let's accept it.


stupid q's - March 20

i think when some asks a stupid question they just create useless arguments? married not who cares? its about stable home, family, parenting skills and working together as a team. Gay? lesbian? straight, bf/gf? fiance married??? whats the difference?


Tanya - April 6

My period is late. one of my b___bs is really itchy and it has never been like this before. could it be a sign?


*meghan* - April 7

hi.... i had s_x saturday.. how long will it take 4 me 2 find out? like have sympthoms?


Heidi - May 23

Sure, cramps in your lower stomach are signs and so is sore breats or enlarged breats! So you could be, but i would wait for your period, and if you dont get it, get tested.


steph - May 23

hi...Yeah, I had cramps within a 4-5 days of conception...maybe because I'm not married (lol) the way, was that CARRIE'S mum who made such a stupid statement????


Telly - May 23

Cramping is not always a sign and I am living proof of that. But I have heard that they can be a sign in early pregnancy. I just keep getting tricked because I get them way sooner than PMS time. How old are you anyways?


So sad - May 23

It's so sad that having children outside of marriage has become so acceptable. I agree that if you aren't committed enough for marriage, then you shouldn't bring a child into the world. I know that's not the intent of this question and I will offend some people, but it's all over this board and it's just an issue of family values.



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