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ashlee - December 26

hey everyone. just wondering if anyone has experienced any 'implantation cramping" or cramps around the time their af has been due and been pregnant? If so, did they feel like af cramps??? many thanks


Mellissa - December 26

i did have cramps before af was due and the day before she was due i had some light pink spotting. but i took a test the next day anyway because it was my birthday and thought maybe i might get lucky.....and i did. i got two very light positives and the next day got "pregnant" on clear blue digital test. i kept spotting until i was 7 weeks... i'm 10 weeks now and as long as i don't have s_x too often i am fine. got to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks 1 day... so i'm very excited!!! good luck to you!!!


ashlee - December 27

hi melissa. thanks for your reply. Congratulations, i wish you a very healthy pregnancy!!!! i just have the cramping (just like period pain) that comes in waves every now and then. this has been going on for the last couple of days now. i think af was due christmas day/ boxing day. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!


Mellissa - December 27

if you're two days late for af, you should be able to test now and get accurate results. i would test if i were you, but i have no patience with that sort of thing!!! thanks for your well wishes and i hope things work out the way you want them to!!


ashlee - December 28

hi melissa, i wont test for another couple of days yet because when i was pregnant (m/c) hpt didnt show up pos until i was 7 weeks.... the only reason i have patients this month with the whole 'holding off the test' thing, is because im scared i will be disapionted again.


rinigopu - January 12

Hello, i am rini . This is my first month of TTC and I have a 40 day cycle. Now its almost 35th day on my ovulation cycle, and am having unsual cramps that started after 10thDPO and is there even now. It comes usually in the eve and night time. Its always on the left side,lower abdomen. Is that a sign of pregnancy?. Pls help me...



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