Cramps Menstrual Or Pregnancy

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claire - February 13

Hi, I ovulated on 2/2 and hopefully we would have conceived round that time. I have been having twinges on the right side of abdomen (like ovulation pains) and in the middle too. This has been going on for the past week. However today it's more like menstrual cramps, I'm due around the 18th. Anyone else having these? I really want to be pregnant but no other symptoms......


Emma - February 13

Hi Claire, sounds like we are in exactly the same boat - I also ovulated around that date and have been having the cramps from about 4 days afterwards too. The pains have been coming and going - do you normally have cramps this soon before A/F? I dont, so am hopeful it may be a baby starting. I have also got metallic taste in my mouth, wet feeling downstairs, veins on my b___sts showing up, going to the loo more often, lower bak ache. Like I said I am hopeful, but if you surf around this site youb will find so many women have so many different symptoms, and some have none - so it is probably just a waiting game for us both. Many have symproms and then are not pregnant, so I reckon if we want babies our bodies try to trick us a bit.....hag on till the due date of AF and if nothing happens, take a test.... - maybe get onto the "AF due 18th ...lets play the waiting game together" thread - lots of ladies wiaiting for that date, many of whom have a few symptoms. Gives you a nice bit of support though. ope you are PG - look after yourself.


La Rae - February 13

I am due for af on the 18th, and I have all the same symptoms as you, and then some... Maybe you have more than you think, and you're just not aware of them. Has your nose been stuffy at all within the past few days? Any food cravings, or extreme hunger? What about your cm? Has that increased for you? It sure does sound like you could be pg. Emma is right about our bodies tricking us, I have been ttc for four months now, and I have had 'symptoms' each month. What makes this month different for me is the extreme lower back/lower ab ache and twinges I have been feeling for the last 4/5 days. Plus, I have the veins showing up (never before did I have those in the past months I have been ttc). Mine first showed up around the v____al area two days ago. Now I am starting to see blue veins on my nipples - not on the b___st part yet, but right next to my nipples they are starting to show. Veins showing up are definitely a good sign! I already have one child, and it is like 'It's all coming back to me now....' It's amazing! Good luck to to you Emma, and to you too Claire! Baby Dust Galore to us all!


claire - February 13

It's so nice to hear your comments! I never have AF cramps this early so I'm hoping it's a good sign. Come to think of it, I have had a stuffy nose for the last few days & keep b__wing it, but no other cold symptoms. La Rae, this is our 4th mth ttc and I have experienced 'pg symptoms' b4 too - but AF showed. It's def been our bodies playing tricks cos we want it so much! I hope this month's different and lucky for all of us. keep in touch 18th Feb gang. Baby dust to you 2.....


tracy - February 13

Hi, I have had some shooting pains down where I would normally have cramps but they have been coming off and on for a few days. I am supposed to start tomorrow but am having cervical mucus to. I had a runny nose about a week ago but it has cleared up. I didn't know that was a sign so I dismissed it. I don't feel bloated or moody like I usually do but I don't know if that makes a difference.


johanna - February 13

hi claire (and everyone)- it sounds like we are in the same boat. i'm 9 dpo today and ovulated ont he 4th fo february. since about the 6th i've had very minor little cramps, aches, but very minor. it does feel way too early for AF (back then it was 10 days before AF!), so i'm hopeful as well. this is our 4th month ttc for our first baby. i'm really nervous, because previous months my b___bs literally did get bigger, but apparently not this month (except for 1 day). no veins, and i'm relatively dry, which is pretty depressing. la rae - you KNOW i think you're preggers! emma, the veins sound fantastic, and the metal taste - woohoo! when is your AF due? tracy: good luck to you (and to everyone!) - NO AF!!!


To La rae from Liz - February 13

Only 2 more days until I take the big test. I 've read your symptoms and you DEF sound preggers!!! I will let you know my results. My left b___b still kills and I am still a "judy Moody!" Not sure about this discharge thing though. I'm wet but not leaking. Am I doomed!!!? I'll keep you posted



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