Cramps Amp 3 Day Af

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Kristen - November 7

i started my period 2 days early and then it only lasted 3 days.. Now i am having gas like cramps..hubby & i have bd alot it possible i culd be preg ..even though i think i had an af ...Help Please!!!


Nic - November 7

I dont think so. My period only last for 3 days too. I would start to calculate day of ovulation and bd every other day, starting 5 days before. Was the flow heavy or was it more like spotting?


to Kristen - November 7

It could be a possible sign--women sometimes do get a period around when af is due but end up being preg. how long is ur usual af? I would take a test and see what it says. Good luck


Kristen - November 7

usual af is a week long......this time it was not very heavy kinda like spotting....right now the only other possible symptom i haveis some cramping...all Advice is welcome


Kristen - November 7

Please Respond..........Need Some Advice


Kristen - November 8

I had this Really Really strange preg dream...very vivid....this is so strange


Kristen - November 8

Anybody Out There!!!!


Teri - November 8

That same thing happenend to me!. AF for me lasts 5 days. THis month, which was a week late, was alot lighter and is almost over on the 3rd day. I took test after test until this weekend and they were all neg. I sometime wonder if I still am, but I'm just kinda waiting it out. It's very possible you are tho, so take a test!!!


Kristen - November 9

Hey Teri, how r things with u 2day my cp is very very high no symptoms yet except very short period and weird preg dreams ....i don't know when or if i will test yet....may what till next period 2 do anything... just 2 see if it was a bilp in my cycle or what....Hope 2 tlk soon


?? - November 9

Hey Ladies. Last month, I thought I was pregnant because my period came a week early and was only 3 days long (usually 5 days) and it was very light. Also, 2 weeks before that period, my b___sts got swollen and were sore and I NEVER get sore and swollen b___sts. Sometimes tingly but that's usually it. Anyway I tested and it was negative. My b___st soreness went away too. So I guess my hormones were just messed up or something, because now I'm expecting af again anyday now. So same thing happened to me and I'm not pregnant.



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