Cramps And Cm

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Chas - September 20

Hi everyone... got a question. I should be getting af any day now. (not wanting it, but it's been so long ttc, I am expecting it) I have had some mild cramping starting today and thought I had started, but when I went to the bathroom it looked like fertile fluid, the same as when I ovulate. I know I already ovulated. Is this a sign of preg?? Don't want to get my hopes up, but thought I would ask. THanks


christie - September 20

Hi Chas. You're not alone same thing happened with me. The day I was supposed to get af I had cramps but it was cm like ovulation. I'm now 4 days late and got a bfn. So I would like to know the same thing.


Chas - September 20

Are your cycles typically regular? How many days long?


Christie - September 20

Regular 35 days. Yours?


Chas - September 20

Mine have been jumping all over the place. last month it was 25 days and I o'd on cd9, this month I o'd on cd14 and I am currently on cd24 with no af yet. I am going crazy !


bump - September 20



Annabell - September 21

Well they say that fertile looking cm you can get when your fixing to expect your af. Its just form your hormones jumping and getting ready for af. Just wait a few days adn you'll know. I just got a bfp when i thought i had af. 1st day was spotting adn 2nd (today) was light then completely stopped took a test and it was possitive!!! ive had cramping for a wk and half now. then for the last 3 days it was more tugging and pulling and soreness, got really tired yesterday. and all the other dasy got a headach adn temps stayed high and still are. i got my bfp today 14dop! good luck to you all! ~*~*~BaByDuSt~*~*~


Wendy - September 21

I am the same as you guys.. 3 days late mild cramping and CM loads of it actually... BFN also...?????? crazy hey


Chas - September 21

Congrats Annabell !!! Hoping I can get a bfp too! I am 13 dpo, think i should test ???


Indie - September 21

Hi all, I'm interested to hear how everyone goes...whether they get a BFP or AF finally decides to show. I'm TTC and this month I think I missed my ovulation by 3-4 days, so didn't expect to have a shot at it this month. I'm 34, no hx of birth control pills and my AF and Ovulations are completely regular (27 days). I can even predict it to time of day based on when last month's AF visit began. I am not "late" yet as AF is due today, but I've had lots of "wierd" symptoms ever since about 2 days after we tried: very tired (sleeping 12 hours and still feeling tired), nausea, wierd appet_te swings, hot flashes and tingling in my b___bs with stingy sore feeling. I've taken a few EPTs but all came back negative...pretty sure it was WAY too soon to take them. Anyway, since AF was due today and hasn't come yet, I am just waiting to see if it will. Not really going to do much else until it's been a week without AF, but it was cool to come on here and read people's stories.


Chas - September 22

Tested yesterday, bpn! I think af is coming, temps have plumetted !! Cramping too... :-( This stinks ! I broke down last night and cried for the first time (this was the10th month) I told dh last night that we have two more months, then I want him to get tested. He's being really sweet about it all.


Christie - September 24

Hi ladies. Well no af yet 8 days late now. No more cm now I'm very dry. I'm gonna test again next week. I'm tying not to think about though. I'm actually afraid to test again I don't want to be disappointed again so I figured I would wait til I'm almost 2 weeks late. Any news from any of you? BABYDUST to all!



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