Cramps And Some Light Spotting

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johanna - December 14

Hi everyone. We have been ttc for three months, and while I am hyper-sensitive to symptoms, I have a good feeling about this month. I ovulated on the 2nd or the 3rd of December (based on an opk test), and within a day or two I was really bloated and gassy. Around 4-5 dpo my br___ts got much bigger and heavier, and I noticed dark blue veins around the nipples and on my abdomen. That has continued, plus I have been really thirsty and hungry. So far so good, right? Yesterday, 9-10 dpo (I am expecting AF on Friday), I had miserable cramps, just like menstrual cramps, with some very light pink spotting when I wiped. No more spotting, no more cramps, but a dull ache down there. I took the First Reponse early pregnancy test today, and it was negative... Anyone else had cramps and were pregnant? I usually get them the day of my period, and I usually get a killer headache the week before, but none of that. So I'm just confused about those cramps, which really feel like AF is about to come. In fact, I run to the bathroom and check every hour or so because it feels like I'm aboutt o get my period. Help!?! Thanks so much for any feedback, and good luck to you all! :)


Christine - December 14

Johanna it is very common to get these pms like cramps in early pregnancy...I remember feeling the exact same way right before I found out I was expecting again..and I wasnt trying..If you read through the posts lots of woman get this same feeling...I'm not sure why and can be confusing because you think your period is coming it just doesnt...You have some good signs...I hope you are...good luck and let us all know how it goes...wait to take another pregnancy least till the is probably still too soon for a +


johanna - December 15

thanks christine, for the advice and positive comments! i'll wait with the testing, though the waiting game is driving me nuts! i'll keep you posted. ;)


Christine - December 15

Yes...keep me updated...good luck



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