Cramps And Wet Feeling TMI

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jenna_krebs2 - October 22

Ok.. so i posted last week about this. but i couldn't find my other post.. But on last tuesday i had this really bad sharp pain in my lower abdomen.. My chart says im suppose to be ovulating last week sometime.... So, today I was sitting at work and I got really hungry like I couldn't get full... And i got home and ate two tacos.. and then I went to take a bath I started to feel sick, so i got out.. and I still feel nausous... and have a slight headache.. my period is due end of this week/beginning of next week.. Could anyone tell me what that pain was from??? Is it ovulation pain or implantion pain... also my last period was oct 4th and it was three days late and 2 days long.. but it was heavy... So, idk what that was about...but i liked having a two day period.. LOL! Let me know what you all think!!


jenna_krebs2 - October 23

My lower back is killing me today... IDK what's wrong with me.. I have this every month.. so im thinking that it's just my period coming... but advice would be helpful..


kendra.marie - October 23

i had these same symptoms last week(it was my ovulation week) maybe thats the same for you maybe its implantation hard to say. =] youll have to wait & see if AF arrives or not


kelbabe - October 23

could be implantaion. are you still getting the liquidy cm? i dont know what cm is meant to be like either during pregnancy or before af arrives. any ideas?


jenna_krebs2 - October 23

Yea, im still having the watery cm...cept this afternoon, I felt my cervix and I had watery cm but i wonder if it's because there was still sperm in there?? Im really confuse.. Right now.. I have stomach tightening, heavy b___bs, and i'm super tired..sometimes i also feel sick to my stomach.... I mean last night My fiance and i bd and he came inside me... Is it even possible to become pregnant that fast. Its been almost 24 hrs.. in two hours is when we bd..... whens the most fertile time to get pregnant?? My chart shows yesterday was my last day of fertility... I don't want to think im pregnant because if im not, My af won't come.. LOL.. But I hope i am..


Grandpa Viv - October 23

It's a bit early to be feeling this many signs unless perhaps you got pregnant last cycle, which may be why your period was unusual. A test this weekend (or sooner) using first morning pee would put that hypothesis to rest. Good luck!


jenna_krebs2 - October 24

But why would my period be so heavy for 2 days? isn't it suppose to be light and not even noticable? Im really confused.. I'll take a test tomorrow morning and I'll post on here what the results were... but i feel im wasting my time because what if it's just af?? Actually I think i might wait until the 1st of Nov... because if I don't get it by then.... I'll know better that I need to take a test.. you k now?


kendra.marie - October 24

yah but if you test now & its negative then you test nov 1. it helps to give your doctor your right last AF to not confuse your due date up. id test now. & then not till nov 1 again =] your choice tho


jenna_krebs2 - October 24

Yea that's true... I didn't think of it that way.. HAHA.. Today the sides of my b___bs hurt.. when it's close to af.. my nipples start hurting.. but not this time. I wonder.....


jenna_krebs2 - October 25

Well, today i got out of bed and felt really dizzy.... what's wrong with me?


jenna_krebs2 - October 25

and I've also been sneezing all day had have a sore throat.. What does everyone think?


kelbabe - October 25

take a test.


jenna_krebs2 - October 26

Now today my lower back hurts and im sick.. and i have been having short little cramps.. and on my left side has been hurting so much.. I don't want to get my hopes up just yet.. you know? i keep telling myself that its my period


jenna_krebs2 - October 27

update for today.. im waiting till monday to test. but i had this weird taste in my mouth... like i had sucked on a penny or something.... I don't know what that means.


kelbabe - October 27

jenna, many preg women get the tast of metal in their mouth!! drink some water, brush your teeth, then drink some more water to get the taste of toothpaste away, then if you still taste it you know its a good dign, if not, u might have ate something didgy!!! x


jenna_krebs2 - October 28

I did what you said. and i still taste it... So, i hope it's a good sign..


kelbabe - October 28

sounds good then. =)



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